Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Yes its 2006 and GUESS what ive given up

So faithful followers - I have been mostly lieing on my ass, watching the gogglebox - and what a fekking waste of energy that was - fek all on but crap old films and the occasional 5/10 like Ace Ventura - Which is really a classic altho his over the top acting does annoy the arse out of you after a short time (doesnt it you?) - Spent Xmas day at my old mans house - pictures on Flickr if your interested - My silly stepsister really annoyed me at the end of a good day - Her blokey gave her a really nice chain and pendant with matching earrings - i used to work in Tiffs so i know what i mean whan i say 'nice' Anyway she turned her fat nose up at it and said '' Have you the receipt - i wanna take them back'' all in one breathe - not even a pause and a quiet word afterwards in private - but in front of everyone ! What a cow (i could go on but my friends have had it all week)

So anyway as i was saying - duringthe xmas period my good buddy JO turned up unexpectedly and hijacked me for a beer at the Rectory at 2pm Wednesday-week. We swiftly necked a Kroney and decided to get the lads out for a trip to the Griffin Bar in Clerkenwell Road - Any hot blooded fellas from South/North London will know this dive as the pound a snatch bar - where less then clothed 'lady's' strip nekked and pole dance for 5 minutes and then ask for a pound in a beer glass before the next 'lady' comes on. Now by this time we are whacked out on beer and narcotics and decide to get a private dance - which by the way is only 15 quid ! wooooo - that done we decided to head off to the Ministry of Sound. 20 squid to get in - not likely - so head off again to Suttons famous Bar Room Bar where we grab a pint and knock back a cap of KE's stuff. Then (yep off again) back in the car and dive into Croydons Latino bar (which used to be Brannigans) where KE swiftly grabs some old beast and snogs it to near death - Some of us waltz over to the Black Sheep - its full of grungers and we head back to my yard for beer and to chill.

Several hours later CB gets up and asks for a beer and KE gets nasty and abuses his sexuality to a point that was rude as fek - however all being mushed up no-one got annoyed and CR did get his hood spashed on by that big minger that he pulled - We have film evidence of KE snogging a pink mohicanned JCB - and we intend to splash it all over the intenet - o and here !

The rest of the week consisted of getting over that night - i decided to stay the hell in on New Years - couldnt bear to do anything - Saved money and started the year completely sober - The London fireworks were clerarly the best in the world - don't let anyone tell you any different ! - So onto this year - its started well - with new year resolution being to give up the weekday booze - Im keeping it up as already ive found a much better work attitude and i feel energetic and full of beans - I don't even want a beer at the moment - the thought of it makes me ill. So far so good - wish me luck and how do ya like my new template huh ? needs a little debugging and i may get funky on the background - i used to have a script that rotated jpg's so i may give that a go and freak u lot out ! wooooo

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