Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Worst day of my life (for a very long time)

If i could - i would list all the things that have gone wrong for me today - so instaed i'll paraphrase - I found out that 3 months of a lot of cash has been paid to the wrong person and i still owe it - My best customer was let down for the third time massively - (not my fault) another customer who was told they would get a machine today wont as its not be refurbed - A good friend wants some money off me that i honestly dont have - thus making me feel bad - Someone else has stolen from me - theres 2 weeks till payday - and my storage bill has hit 62 days overdue.

All in all im near to killing myself - its all a bit too much to handle - drinking doesnt solve anything - nor does hiding - so ive got an afternoon of negotiation to handle - im good at it so thats ok - its just that i cant really see the wood for the trees currently - and the woods are very very wooody - have a nice picture of what my brain feels like.

Feel free to wish me well in the next life wont you.

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