Monday, January 30, 2006

The weekend as entertained by Frank Butcher

Did fek-all - i actually couldnt if i'm honest - went out after work on Friday with TW and ended up at a private party in Ryans - Bumped into CB and J from Warlingham - was a funny night - only one story i can let u lot read - These 3 absolute honies came to the door and the bouncers wouldnt let them in - when i say bouncers it was 2 young lads with clipboards - being the gent i am - i waltzed over and in a strong manly manner said 'Oi lads let the ladies in' - 'can't you see they just want a good time' as i peered around the door to let them in i noticed to my blind side a big fella in a long dark jacket, he leaned over in a very Frank Butcher fashion and lightly shouted in my ear ' And who the fuck are you, to let people in my daughters 21st birthday' - ' i see your point' i muttered and headed off to my pint - slightly smirking as i realised id been nabbed bigtime - and Frank had almost been gazumped.

2 more pints gulped and headed to the heaving dancefloor where it seemed like a fucking school disco - got the fuck off the dancefloor and headed back to the bar - TW was getting calls from da missus so he went and left me wobbling on a bar stool! Bad bad news - Got home and woke up Saturday day at 4pm - decided as i had no cash and CB hadnt paid my cash yet i went back to bed where i stayed until Sunday - Got up - Ate the contents of the freezer (what was left) and poured scorn on the twat of a flat-mate i have until Wednesday - when quite possibly i'll chuck his shit out. Good fekking riddance.

That was that . . bring on March . . Not Feb ! as im skint already! (thanks as ever to B3ta and Stoat for the image)

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