Friday, January 06, 2006

Vote Lib-Dem

Feel a little bit sorry for dear old Charles Kennedy - bearing in mind im a reforming alchoholic myself - it must be fairly difficult to own up to a problem that you quite clearly refused to admit some months ago - and of course Charlie boy - you've been photographed sweating ya ass off on stage - a clear sign of booze abuse (trust me im an expert at sweating at any given moment) - So Zaks decided to make banner in honour of your drunken woeness - So thanks to Zak McFlimby for the piccy.

That aside - Who does actually fekking vote Lib Dem anyway huh?

And who the fuck wants to be leader of such a wimpy bunch of 'no-hope-of-ever-winning' the election losers. bored now. Bye

1 comment:

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