Wednesday, January 18, 2006

TittyBangBang - Whats that all about ? ?

Have you copped a load of BBC3's new TittyBangBang yet ? No ? well your missing out so click here and then read on

Yes ?! isnt it bluntly the most outrageous comedy you've ever witnessed - I mean there is that mad bloke - Don Peacock who keeps hiring escorts and then grabs up da boobies and asks them if he can pee on them - Mental - what is that all about - and tehn the two ladies in the National Health Trust called Parker and Harris - who chuck stuff at each other and whom i think begin a killing spre gainst each other - looks liek that could at least be fairly funny - Then theres the Italian Slovakian cleaner who keeps showing off and saying 'Im shy' and 'Dont look at me' pure mentalness - The twithching Darts ladies and then the best of the lot are the 'Shut Up Family' - who remind me of a family in Cowden who have 3 daughters and on occasion when ive been there for diiner -(when i was seing the middle daughter) used to constantly tell each other to Shup up - And she actually reminds me of here too - !!! Wooooo

If you dont have a clue what the hell im talking about then click here and watch next weeks episode 3 - Realplayer is needed

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