Friday, January 20, 2006

My new friend

Welcome to my newest buddy - Hyper-Upload - Yes my life IS that dull - im currently having a small personal breakdown - due to the mounting shit cu*t pressure ive been under - Broke the golden 'no drinking in the week' rul massively last night - polished off a bottle of red and started on another one. Feel absolutely awful this morning and feel doubly bad for calling JO and bareing my soul to the fool (not really a fool - its me who's the tit) - Wish i Wasnt here today - could do with being tucked up in bed and dieing.

Not sure where im going in life - not since the great news i had in the week - the bank havent called me or filled me in with the missing cash scenario as yet - and if im honest i dont think anything will happen or come of it - So that aside i had a text conversation with an old flame and wish i fucking hadnt - TIP - when your 2 thirds thru a bottle of red DONT call ya ex's or for that matter anybody of the opposite sex. Period.

Right im off to have a bad day - see ya

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