Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Looking up all round - Thank God!

First of all - Is anyone watching CBB at the moment and wondering why the fuck someone hasnt made Pete 'Bubble Lips' Burns a new hole in his face? Bloody annoying little cun* - Although i suppose if he wasn't about the house would be diluted and no fun - And while im on the subject - anyone else think Traci Bingham is hot as fuck? I fist thought she was a stuck up Yanky spaz but ive warmed to her - she seems very calme and gentle and God shes hot. Wow.

So anyway i had a house inspection on Saturday and all was well - She came in and ooo'd and aaar'd about how nice the place was - which is true - Then asked 'Is there anything up with the place?' obviously i said the windows are fucked and low and behold i got a call from the window people yesterday and its being sorted - with all the problems i had last week this is damn awesome i think. Abbey are looking into getting that cash back for me - im hopefull but on a good note the agents have accepted the payment terms amicably as they understand my problem. All good.

Im over target too - thus pay in Feb is good, and im also looking into evicting the current tennant for being a total assbandit.

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