Tuesday, January 10, 2006

For the umpteenth time

commenting and trackback have been added to this blog. And yes ive tried deleting this post and then for some reason it deletes the html that installs (automatically) the code- So here it is and watch this space for some dramatic changes to my blog look - Ive been messin with stuff in the background and trying to find a happy medium between IE and Firefox - Guess what - IE's an absolute pig for coding.

SO just in case any of you lot fancy messin with your blog template - make sure before you change everything (like me) make sure IE likes it first - It does odd things with padding and layout - Check the source code - theres an IE hack in there and i can't make stuff work different - anyone who can help i'd be most appreciative.

So Happy New Year finally to a few of my loyal supporters - Mainly John and Tressa - Keep those comments coming guys - I hope to pick up a few more nutters on teh way this year - so whatever you do - leave a loving comment before you go

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