Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Send to FlickR bookmarklet code

I have been using the awesome FlickR bookmarklet to send pictures to my flickr account easily and without pain. I tried the email way and found it painful and then "shock horror" it decided to not work for one reason or another! - So a little hunting on Google and YES i found it again (c/o this dude) - This was after i accidentially deleted it off my sidebar - So i was chuffed - Just copy the text in the box below and then make a bookmark and for Firefox users click "properties" and the paste the code in the location section - first deleting any code in there (normally http:// etc etc) - as long as you have cookies selected it will work - o and a flickR account as well. doh

"Send To Flickr" Bookmarklet Code:

Hurricane ahoy!

Now i have to say i'm not one for taking the piss out of a bad time but you have to agree that this picture says it all really - it's unfortunate people have died - which ties in nicely with this mornings "What the fuck ?" rant.

So here's the scenario - theres a fucking huge hurricane on it's way (it's called Katrina btw) - The weatherman says to "get away from the area just as soon as you can" - The local police constabulary says "get away from the area as soon as you can" - then as luck would have it - George Bush Jnr get's on the telly and says "wibble bibble area bobble soon as" - Strangely being from middle america you know what that means (sorry americans!) - So what do you do - Jump in your Cadallac and zoom off somewhere less windy? - Get on a train and trundle off somewhere less rainy? or - sit around waiting for 150 mph winds to smash your rickety hut of a house and hike you off to never-never land - whilst chucking a few cars and hotel roofs on you for good measure.

Yep thats what i'll do - said some chap (Mr.Jackson as pictured) with his wife and kids in tow - "I can survive a few gusts of wind" - Sadly he was wrong and on the telly last night i saw a sad picture of this chap crying as he had lost his wife in the flooding - her last words being "Look after the children" - Jeeeesus - "My wife, I can't find her body, she gone." - "I held her hand tight as I could and she told me 'you can't hold me'. She said, 'take care of the kids and the grandkids'," Mr Jackson said. - "We have nowhere to go. I'm lost, that's all I had, that's all I had. I don't know what I'm going to do." - That is a sad story - but i can't help thinking that the death was avoidable.

On a slightly fiercer note i also saw lots of looting going on - Whats that all about - huh ! One man carrying a pile of jeans was asked if he was salvaging goods from his own store. According to the Associated Press news agency, he replied: "No, that's everybody's store." - I just don't know !

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Are bank holidays all they are cracked up to be?

Ever since i was a little boy, i always looked forward to bank holidays - even more when i was mid twenties and was working hard and an extra day off in bed or drinking was spot on! - As i remember as well, the TV was better - there was a film or something different then normal - well they have that now i suppose - Anyway my point is - I hated this bank holiday weekend - It really hit home that i am very short of friends - family are fine but im afraid that it just isnt funny when its familt is it - I mean i could have gone upto Warlingham i suppose but - well i didnt - and all my buddies that i could do with seeing just arn't that close anymore - I've grown away from them - i just dont feel that if i call and say hello that they will be happy to see me or even wanna see me - So i dont.

Still i went out on Saturday night which was good - It was Jamie's stag-do - again heres another moan - every fukkers getting or has been married! - even i nearly got married to that nutter Anouska! - well actually we were never close to marrying - i was more married to Lorraine in honesty! - So anyway - yea went to Kyber (where i saw Billie) it was awesome to see Keith, Lundy and Monty there - DM as well (he organised) the LSD crew was in effect and we remembered a couple of times when we used to go out up town in a rascal van, and also the time we went to Leeds and Sheffield on a whim and raved for 2 days! - then off to Loop - well we were going to Tiger Tiger but i had a feeling someone would be in there (i was right) - not just that but i was hobbling still from broken leg - albeit i wasnt using crutches - its just easier in Loop - Lundy was his normal self and off chirpsing un-necessarily young females - and after all of that i ended up back at Jamies with DM and carried on the drinking.

The rest of the weekend i spent on the couch eating and drinking and watching TV - Whats new then sy ? -Boring as fuck - nearly ventured out on Monday pm down the pub but again decided not too as money is short - In short i was glad i didnt - Spent most of the weekend i suppose banging my head on the microwave door - it was all the fun i really had - I'm going to have to sort out something soon - I cant keep staying in - my life has become a sesspit - no worse - its a water treatment plant - basically a shitpit - Im bored.....

Still get this cock of a cast off my leg and im sure it will be back to normal before i can say - 4 pints of stella please.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Funcup - Lunchtime filler for car lovers

Found a great little lunchtime filler for car race fans - I have to say its worth the wait on the download and as a game it's pretty cool. Normally iv'e found that these small games tend to be boring or too easy but Funcup has it all - good graphics and sound and the gameplay is spot on.

After 2 or 3 laps you'll get the hang of the track and then you can take the cicanes faster and ride the apex on the bends - The other 3 cars you race i think can be filled with your buddys but i didn't get that far as i have no mates.

Try it !

The day Damian turned gay

Mr Gay Uk's jacket
Originally uploaded by ruthless jack.
Yes yes - Its been a while since i have had the opportunity to wind the fuck out of Damian but today was the day - After his little jaunt out with Sharp last night that he invited me to then took away (see previous post) he came in with a bloodshot eye and the same clothes as he wore yesterday - Nice.

So anyway the jacket had a "UK" emblem on the back - well you can see from the picture and in word i knocked up a curly "Mr.Gay" - looks pretty effective i thought. Took the photo whilst he was away - and now its about 11am in the morning and he's wearing it on the back of his chair - can't wait till he puts the bastard on! hehhe

Thursday, August 25, 2005


What a day - Busy busy busy - has been all month which is interesting as most of the country are in Spain getting pissed or at least i thought they were. Whipped my target within a grand of it life and still with 3 days to go - Went and finally got my Dyson from storage so i can clear up and hoover the hallway - which i can tell you needs it bigtime! actually it needs one of those cleaning hoover things that soapy clean as you go as its a beige carpet (schoolboy error whoever laid that!)

Other then that - i got invited out to a curry later by one of my directors - The converstaion went like this - "oi baldy, fancy coming out on a curry c/o Sharp later tonight" - i replied gleefully - "yea that would be great! cheers" - i should have known better as the wazzock replied "well your not invited coz no-one likes ya, wanker" and then walked off cackling

So with that in mind i invited BW and JS round for a chinese - as i have shit loads of it left from last night and its need scoffing - so off to pub for a beer - i think then home to eat. Great.

O and the Queen gif is because ive been singing "dont - stop - me - noooooow - dont - stop - me - nooow - coz im havin a good time havin a good tiiiime" - know the one !!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kill me if you can - last night on channel 4

It is July 2003 and a 14-year-old boy, John, is the victim of a near-fatal stabbing in Altrincham near Manchester. His 16-year-old friend Mark is the chief suspect. But why would a teenager who has never been in any trouble try to kill his best friend? An incredible story emerges of how Mark has been recruited over the web to be a secret service agent by a spymistress called Janet Dobinson. She promises him sex and riches if he passes an initiation test: to kill his friend John.

Kill Me If You Can - programme imageThe schoolboy is propelled into a world of espionage; his bland suburban surroundings become a landscape of mystery and intrigue. But in court, facing charges of attempted murder, Mark finally learns the truth – Janet and a host of other people he met on the internet are all fictitious characters invented by someone bent on manipulating his every move. But who would know enough to trick him into attempting murder?

This hugely amusing program last night caught my attention after the shit Liverpool game - Initially it reminded me of 7 years ago wjhen i first got a pc and an internet connection and found my way into the chatrooms that were all over the net - Again the intrigueing thing for me was theKill Me If You Can - programme image desceipt that John levelled on Mark - who was by the way massively gullibale - 1st he lured him in with a ficticious girl - Then a gay stalker - and then finally he lured him im with Janet Dobinson - the MILF M15 agent who wanted to recruit him and pay him 700k in pounds to complete some simple tasks - The first being to get John out of school one day - the second to stay in Johns bedroom for the whole weekend and to perform oral sex on him - worringly he did so - Odd ! - the last was to buy a huge kitchen knife and then kill John. Mark lured John down a side alley and stabbed him - Nearly fatally!

It all transpired after months of trawling the 2 lads pc's that John was in fact all 3 of these characters and was a mental case - he also had a deathwish - It was in fact the first time in UK history that someone had been charged for inciting their own murder. Both lads were let off with 2 and 3 month suspended supervison sentances - and were ordered never to use the internet again unsupervised.

Thank fuck for that!!

Gate Gourmet

Fresh attempts are due to be made to end the industrial dispute over the sacking of 670 workers by in-flight catering company Gate Gourmet.

Is it just me, or are you, my fellow Brits sick and tired of hearing this shit on the news - It's bad i know - sacking 670 workers over a tannoy in a car park - but with respect does anyone understand how impossibly difficult asian men and women are to work with - Well i do!

I sell IT hardware to the soho and middle buisness sector and deal with a good amount of internet leads - i'd say 35% of those leads that come in are Asian's wanting to buy equipment. Just a little taster of how the conversations can go. "Hello Mr.Patel how can i help you" - "I am looking to buy a copier for 3 pounds - it needs to be colour A3 and A4 and i want it delivered tomorrow" - "hmm Mr.Patel do you realise that the colour machines start at 4 grand?" - "ooo bloddy hell Mr.Simon you are trying to rip me off - i see on da internet dat they cost only 2 pence - i think you are ripping me off" - "goodbye Mr.Patel" - click

By the way - The Ugandans and Nigerians are worse - not by much but worse - So anyway back to the strike - Whatever the blokes name that sacked them all he had some bollocks i assure you - and if i'm honest i don't blame him - But anyway can we sort this pointless striking and not-striking news story out once and for all and either 1. go back to work - or 2. get a bankruptcy order and piss off. Thank-you

O and by the way - click on the image and read it properly - Its priceless!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Politics Explained Brilliantly!

FEUDALISM: You have two cows. Your lord takes some of the milk.

PURE SOCIALISM: You have two cows. The government takes them and puts them in a barn with everyone else's cows. You have to take care of all of the cows. The government gives you as much milk as you need.

BUREAUCRATIC SOCIALISM: You have two cows. The government takes them and put them in a barn with everyone else's cows. They are cared for by ex-chicken farmers. You have to take care of the chickens the government took from the chicken farmers. The government gives you as much milk and eggs as the regulations say you need.

FASCISM: You have two cows. The government takes both, hires you to take care of them and sells you the milk.

PURE COMMUNISM: You have two cows. Your neighbors help you take care of them, and you all share the milk.

RUSSIAN COMMUNISM: You have two cows. You have to take care of them, but the government takes all the milk.

CAMBODIAN COMMUNISM: You have two cows. The government takes both of them and shoots you.

DICTATORSHIP: You have two cows. The government takes both and drafts you.

PURE DEMOCRACY: You have two cows. Your neighbors decide who gets the milk.

REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY: You have two cows. Your neighbors pick someone to tell you who gets the milk.

BUREAUCRACY: You have two cows. At first the government regulates what you can feed them and when you can milk them. Then it pays you not to milk them. Then it takes both, shoots one, milks the other and pours the milk down the drain. Then it requires you to fill out forms accounting for the missing cows.

PURE ANARCHY: You have two cows. Either you sell the milk at a fair price or your neighbors try to take the cows and kill you.

LIBERTARIAN/ANARCHO-CAPITALISM: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull.

SURREALISM: You have two giraffes. The government requires you to take harmonica lessons.

Written by someone anonymously some time ago

60th anniversary late rememberance

Sorry it's late (just in case anyone cares) - Just that i loved this nazi mockery gif - Magic isn't it - Apparently the dude who did it whipped one of the other nazi bastards out of the photo to make it nicer - cheers for that

It's kinda freaky thinking that Adolf could be parading down his main parade street playing with his nazi yo-yo - And if he did then obviously this is what he'd look like. I personally think it would suit the fella.

Anyway - back to doing something productive . . . .

Katie leaves work for Thomson's

A few weeks ago young KW let us all know she was off to progress her career with those lovely people at Thomson Directory - With respect to KW the place is a hell hole - my mate worked there who i can honestly say is as good as i am on the phone - (and that is damn awesome btw) He left after 4 months - had enough of the wankers there who had already got themselves nicely set as part of the furniture - i suppose really it's like any job - I'm like it - i've become part of the fixtures and fittings here at Dog Man Cat. No-one really takes any notice of me and i take bugga all notice of them - just occasionally someone new joins and it gets exciting for 5 minutes but generally it's that same day in day out (which actually is nice and btw so are the people here :)

So anyway KW had a card going round - and i thought it would be a little bit funny to write a bit extra next to someones epitaph. Click on the picture and then blow it up using the + sign if your using Firefox - i dunno what IE does as i scrapped it. Found it yet ? heheh

Monday, August 22, 2005

One reason to watch Herbie Fully Loaded

And that is - Lindsey Lohan - No other reason - the old Herbies were brilliant - i remember watching as a kid - I even think my Mum took me to the cinema - and that my friends was a rare rare occurance i can tell 'ya - So back to Lindsey - Didnt you see "Freaky Friday" I mean i'm no fan of teen girl films but that one did make me happy inside.

Yep Freaky Friday not only made me all warm and cuddly inside but it had schoolboy crush Jamie lee-Curtis in it (i think because of her in Fish called Wanda) as well as Lindsey - I think it must be her ginger hair - I'm un-naturally drawn to ginger birds - Kirsty - and a girl i can't remember the name of (Hanna will though) - Charlotte - god there are others too. Nope Lindsey rocks and i know you'll agree lads (and girls possibly?).

However the film i reckon sucks big-time - so much so i don't even want to see it - It's that clip on the telly when Herbie's winking - It's a car for gods sake - Things like that don't happen after your 13 years old - Well they don't happen full-stop but when your that young its almost beleivable isn't it!

Deke looking browner then a brown thing thats been in the sun for way too long

Originally uploaded by ruthless jack.
This is Deke - I work indirectly with this loonatic - however he has just come back from the West of France from 3 weeks holiday surfing - Is this colour normal? Do you think maybe when he's older his skin will take on the same look and feel of an old horses rectum hole? (click here as i was finding a horse ass pic and got this one - Its classic!)

Anyway - apparently the West of France is the premier surfing place to go and seriously kicks ass on the wooman front - like spot the fat bitch - as there arn't any - Sounds bloody awesome - wish i was young enough to get some of this on!

Havent got any surfing pics to post up - im not even sure i will do as DS isnt a picture freek like me - but im definately up for some of this in the future - Get a plane from Lydd to Le Touquet and hire a car and drive down - Maybe - or do the Deke thing and buy a camper van for 3 weeks for 5k and then re-sell it at the end of the holiday for the same cash - great idea! - What ?

Boswelox or Bollocks?

British women are less likely to use anti-wrinkle creams than other western European women, research suggests . Market analyst Mintel found 36% of British women used the creams compared with about a half of French women and Spaniards and two thirds of Germans. German women were most concerned about ageing, with many girls using anti-ageing creams from age 15. But in Britain, 65% of the 25,000 women questioned said drinking plenty of water was the key to good skin.

Hmm now that sounds kinda cool - It does however astound me that the Germans are most worried about ageing! I mean it's not like German women are widely known to be beautiful - I would have thought they would be more worried about shaving foam then Anti-wrinkle creams.

More importantly though L'Oreal's advert claimed that 76% of 50 women (hmm only 50 women huh!) who self-evaluated the effects of the cream after three weeks reported visible reduction of their expression lines. - Er really? - It also said the product was "the first anti-creasing cream with Boswelox to counteract skin micro contractions" and could "rapidly reduce wrinkles". (O they forgot it also rapidly increased the size of your credit card bills)

Now women surely don't actually buy this stuff to look younger do they? I Mean do they? - Ive been looking into the national sales of this "cream" and its astonishing - i cant give you an exact figure as it seems no-one out there in the interweb actually wants to give out this amazing info - But is this right? - Do women think that they can stop the hands of time and reduce wrinkles? Does this cream hold the elixior of life itself? - I think not.

Even worse ! It seems us blokes are doing it too! - My god - what the hell are you doing - Rubbing Boswelox on your face at the age of 30 odd - You what ? - First there was Henry Cooper and Brut 33 (apparently it's making a comeback), then came Lynx (otherwise known as Axe) and before long men like Vinnie Jones admitted to using moisturiser.

Anti-wrinkle cream - NO!

Friday, August 19, 2005

New Template all done

It's done - finished - finito - what do ya think ? Let me know on the comments system if you be so kind . . .


Our survey said . .

Seems that the Police have a few weeks of sticky shit to wade through as they are dragged into the news regarding the DeMenezes shooting. It is being said the Brazilian electrician had not fled from police as initially claimed, nor had he hurdled a ticket barrier. Now this shocks me a little - as DeMenezes was shot in the train itself - so how did he get there - on top of this there are pictures of him dead being circulated in the Brazillian news - How the fuck did this happen?

On top of this it is also reported that Scotland Yard heavily defended against the IPCC looking into the incident - I cant blame them and if im honest i feel sorry for the Police - At that time they were under intense pressure to protect the British public and catch the terrorists who had firstly bombed London on the 7th July and then w
ho tried again on the 21st. They were nervous and tetchy as they were firsty in danger and secondly being scrutinised by us al as we want to feel safe. I personally cried a "woop" when it was reported that DeMenezes (then anonymous) was shot - I was pleased that he had died - I didnt know the full story.

Now it seems the Police thatnks to our own red tape will be dragged into a slanging match and then penalised for shooting this bloke - They were protecting us - Why cant we see that? A man died - an innocent man died - a Brazillian man died - So ? - 50 odd people died in the bombings - So did 100's in the IRA years - nearly 3000 died on 9/11.

One mans mistaken death cannot overshadow what is the bigger picture. We will not be governed or become afraid of commuting in our own capital - We are not afraid and i ask one thing of the IPCC - Take a close look at the obituary's of the 52 that died and ask yourself if we really want to make the Police the scapegoat for what is Al-Qaeda's whole reason for starting this plot on th ewestern world - Do you think we can stick together on this please - For all our sakes?.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yay woo and a massive Hooouplaa!

Yes - spent a little time at lunch sorting out this new template - I think ya'll all agree it's pretty sweet and loads 20x quicker then the old pile of muck - i'll try to be good and not mess it up with all those rank 88x31 gifs and shite - Im still looking for an IP blocker - One or two visitors are not welcome here - So if anyone knows a decent IP blocker then let it be known.

On a different issue i had some sound news today - may sort all my woes out -can't say too much as it's not def yet but it's all good - wooo yay - So back to reality - work is good which is nice - things are getting sold and making me money and i'm 1k off target and 25% - SS is back looking for work for me and she seems keen to help - i'll see what happens.

Its official - I'm back!

Got a call early from a friend of mine - Seems all is well - which is nice - must try a bit harder with them really - Its not their fault we've grown apart - obviously i need to go visit so whilst away this weekend i'll try and pop in. On the flatmate stuff - well its not easy is it - trouble is that these websites cost a bloody fortune and guess what im a tad short of bluey's. Ive got loads of responses but £29.50 for 10 days - thats bloody steep isnt it. I seem to have made an enemy in my old pal MP - Dunno where he has a problem - he owes me - and will owe me more at the end of the month - this is all kinda my fault - i knew it was a bad idea - how can you trust someone who just says stuff that keeps you off his back - TP i take what i said back!

Anyway - After that little word of advice - How is everyone lately - O and by the way im back - Some of you know me - and i know i get regular visitors from someone as i know your IP dont i! (you must realise that you can trace IP addresses or dont you !) by the way im getting a script to block unwanted snoopers ! - Must sort some stuff out thats been festering - and now im looking forward to a fresh start again - I aint moving - I'll pay the full rent if thats what i have to do - A help would be nice tho! So if you know anyone who would like to live in a cozy 2 bed flat - nicely furnished and who likes a beer nown and then and spend evenings watching hours of telly or old films - Then i'm ya man.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

O whatever !

So what .... I got bored of being bored - My ADSL has hit a molehill - meaning some idiot decided to play god and cut me off - Now this is just a small pebble to roll over - and soon enough i'll be sorted - on top of that i dont have a fucking pc to work on - The ones yes ONES i have - all dont seem to work as they are all wanky Dells - need i say more

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Woo - Yay !

Woo - Yay !

Thanks to the chaps over at B3ta but Bananiel is a god and i had to share this genius with you - Mostly been trying to get some deals a going on at work but its desperately hard to get an interest with a customer who has cash dammit! Apart from that i need to have that 'chat' i was talking about - im less stressed about it all but still not happy at all - BW tells me shes staying with auntie this weekend - which is a good thing all round - i may blow a brain cell if life with the Warlies carries on this way - Every day gets worse - next stop hamsterville.

So you wanna know how im feeling do ya ? Well in short im feeling a little down - I have very little to look forward to except a nasty man from the telly shop telling m i owe him hard currency - whcih i do - chequeybooky on way which could get me off the hook for a while - apart from that i have 3 pound 10 in my pocket to buy food clothes and deodorant to cover up the smell of eating old crumbs that i found under the dead rat behind the fridge.

Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So let's sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again

Click here to hear this for gods sake !

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Strange bit True!

Strange Bit true!

Every time I walk past a police officer, I immediately scream the word 'CARGANTUA!' and vomit searing hot bile into my cupped hands. I drop to my knees and hold my breath and squeeze my face muscles until my eyes are protruding from their sockets and my tongue hangs out limp, like an old man's old man.

Both my arms grow up to several feet in length and my knees snap back inverting themselves so I begin to resemble a kind of long armed bile spewing dog-man!
My ears take on a 'hybrid wolf-face' shape and begin to spew dark blood all over the Tarmac in front of me. By now the officer of the law is either looking at me sheepishly or cowering on the ground, hands clutched to his heart, gasping for breath.

My head is twice its normal size and much more 'angular', My eyes are protruding on their stalks and my groin is a mass of writhing bore-worm.
The smell of burning faeces makes the officer's eyes water. He can feel something burrowing deep into his neck, My tentacles have speared him and my spindly fingers are now firmly clasped onto his ankles.

There is a look of shear panic in his eyes as my foul breath beats heavy onto his quivering face.
I clasp the scruff of his muscular neck and move his head so that his petrified eyes look deep into mine and I cant hold it anymore....
We kiss passionately and make love then and there, him squirming with ecstasy and me heaving with delight. I take his full manhood deep inside my gaping wound, puss oozes from both of our fat fucking faces and i begin to weep with pleasure.

My clown tears drip down my face and onto the melting corpse now lay in front of me and I begin to vomit with fury at my actions. Both the stillness and I share a vacant glance at one and other and my need for fresh flesh begins to take over. My wobbling legs are now so unsteady and misshapen that they can hardly hold my massive bulk and they begin to buckle under the weight as I bob up and down like a demented jack-in-a-box.

Jacques 'O Box.
Alas we forget.

When is a shit not a shit

When is a shit not a shit

This is a very important question - depending on what you feel at a certain time would determine when you think someone is of course a complete shithead or your best mate - Quite simply i cannot give any more advice - It seems that you can even buy someone a pint nowerdays and enjoy drinking the damn thing when they are standing right next to you - Seems also that you can even have a conversation with them - even though you think they are a shit. Amazing!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Shit hits the fan

Shit hits the fan

Yep the shit has hit the fan - Need a little chat with someone - lay some shit to rest - nothing more to say on that right now.

Yikes - was that the weekend !

Yikes - was that the weekend ?

Payday started for me on Thursday night really - Went to the boozer after work and carried on through the night - Much to JJN's non amusment - when asked - you look like youve been up all night on drugs - My answer was "yush" - spoken like a true wanker ! Most of the day was taken up with trying not to speak to customers too much - Altho i did a load of GP and closed 2 deals that needed to be done - My thoughts were clearly on getting home and resting.

Which happened around 6.45pm after1 or 2 of my colleagues refused to stop talking in the car park until it seemed it had gone dark - Got home and collapsed in a heap on my bed - The phone rang - "whaaaaaat...." i murmed in a horrible deathly tone "Im on my way round" said DM - needed some cash from night before - christ - BW popped in with JS later on and offered also to go to the bank for me ! Which reminds me - I must get that cash from MP - its badly overdue - and i need it bigtime and i HAVE to pay off telly people today or im dead - oh and slap and tickle (sandwich people!)

So weekend here ! - Saturday morning got up and was clearly knocked out by the Thursday night shenannigans - BW called early on to say she missed everthing on Friday as she was barking up on friday night so we all had to start again in GC - some jordan lookalike was coming - which initially i thought was a great idea - but when i saw her it wasnt - Started off nicely untill i bought a bottle of Sambuka - which was my diet for the next 6 hours or so - Left late to get home and stayed up playing FIFA 2004 until i died at home with a headache brewing that i knew was gonna really really hurt!

JO called early (about 11am!) and said was coming over to pick me up for lunch at 1.30 pm Sunday - brill i thought until we got to Croydon and he walzed off to get some clothes and cd's - so i waited in the car - felt like an age - the ice pack i'd made earlier on to soothe my head had worked! - Got to the pub ordered food and downed a pint - i felt a bit better - 2nd pint drunk - felt like shit - JO decided we should go and meet Nath and the others to celebrate his last day out - (Long story not my buisiness to tell ya) - So met them all in Sutton and well in short got damn near dead again - My head went red for starters - a sign of alchohol poisioning apparently! - Got home and started on the Sambuka - decidied to dance around the flat with music at full blast for 1 hour then head off to the bowling alley to get a pint - Mikey and girly turned up - i was mullered - i went home - watched Big Brother and fell asleep - Heres the story of the leg !

Monday morning - So got to the hospital quite late - weather was bloody awful - queued and queued and queued some more - at the end of it all i got told that i needed another 6 weeks with my crutches as it wasnt looking good - if it still wasnt looking good after 6 weeks then a bloody metal pole will be stuck in my leg for good measure - O bloody hell - Why do i think thats going to hurt like fucking hell ! - really dreading it - bigtime - Was there until late - called work and told everyone who all in all wernt to impressed with it all - no one understands more then me what a complete wanker i was for jumping that car - It was an accident and yes i should not have done it - I did! and that is that - Im paying heavily for it now.