Thursday, June 30, 2005

Osama Bin Hamster

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First things first - Before Saddam dug himself a hole and scarpered from his palace he set in place a crack team terror squadron of unbeleivable might.

I have managed to get hold of a picture of one of these youngsters before they get really nasty. He's already got that 'don't fuck witd me' look in his beady eyes and im guessing thos pink paws with develop razor sharp claws to slash and kill in time.

So pass the word 'Osama Bin Hamster' is out there - Just watch where you tread!

Haloscan falls over

Haloscan falls over

I had a thought and a worry all at once - and realised that i had'nt had any comments - for like weeks - So i tried posting one myself ! Shock horror - I was told that i had to wait 18000 seconds or something - Now with the fact that i recently deleted the old Blogextra commenting system because it fell over - i had complete faith in Haloscan - now it turns out they have been waiting for a 'couple of servers' to sort things out.

One word - Bollocks! - I sell servers and IT stuff and im telling you now - If they had ordered the damned things off me it would have been there within 3 working days - So Haloscan in the future make sure you talk to RuthlessJack before spending 1000's of dollars with some bunch of monkey cowboy idoit hick necked pricks and spend it with me - Beside i need it !

Hmm - rant over - i hope all is well soon !

Battle of the blogs

Battle of the Blogs

This is a blatant plee - If you have come here from the all conquering BlogExplosion and in particular from Battle of the Blogs - Please vote for me :)

Its my first battle and it just wouldnt be fair to let the underdog lose now would it - So anyway there we go - Wanna know what i had for lunch ? Well i have half Margherita and half MeatFeast Pizza Hut pizza - i bought it for me and GB as he's my work tea and sandwich bitch (as a thank-you) - since i've smashed my cocking leg to peices - Which reminds me i must call my Mum and tell her i may be dead on Monday after the operation (have i got your vote yet ?)

Right now im off to find something interesting to blog from the net - My life is simply too dull at the moment.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cocking Fuckborough

cocking fuckborough
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I was merrily driving to my friends house who lives bloody miles away - when i passed a lovely little hamlet just outside of Cowshot.

Saw this sign and thought of you lot - Isnt it nice.

(not really!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ruthless Jack is a Gaylord (apparently)

Ruthless Jack is a Gaylord (apparently)

Loving this website - Tell all your friends it is fairly amusing (fuck off it's hilarious) ! and is definately worth a giggle or two - anyway all you need to do is the following to get all ya pals rolling around actually laughing thier heads off or whatever . . . . so

In the URL bar type

and there you go ! Obviously to trick your pals make it their name not yours - DOH!

What a brilliant way to wind the fuck out of ya mates or a really annoying colleauge (dont forget you can hide the actual URL by using the shorten URL tool found here)

Have fun !

RIP Richard Whiteley

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RIP Richard Whiteley

God rest your soul my good friend of the afternoons on Channel4 - I remember you when i was small - when i used to visit my Auntie Rene and Beryl - They actually were never my aunties but they liked looking after me - After all i was born next door to them (Pollards Hill South !)

Many an afternoon was spent eating lovely buttered scones and 'simons' especially made for me - chocolate with mint choc on top (eeek wanna throw up on that thought)

Anyway you will be very sorely missed Richard - No i mean it - like the news said, you were like the bloke no-one could dislike - Everyone liked you even though your jokes were crap - and your shirts ties and jackets evenly rubbish as well. We all miss you - Countdown will never be the same ..


(By the way please take a look at the little cartoon on the right - it is in goodtaste and is well worth a look - Even if you are family of Richies i think you'll love it!)

Nice 3x3 pic

Originally uploaded by Dj_Dal3.
Nice 3x3 pic

Love this picture on Dj_Dal3's photoblogs so i thought i'd let you lot enjoy it as well - very beautiful girl in the top left hand corner!

Which i might add is incredible as the author has a really crap portfoloio of photo's - I mean at least im honest and let people know that i have comedy and serious photos and in honesty most of them are semi-nsfw - Well i dont know or care to be honest.

Can't wait to get home tonight ! Getting some cash together at last - and i'll be off down the pub for a couple of pints - well not completely sure as my life is in the hands of MP - as he owes me tha cash - I wonder if i'll see it at all tonight !

Monday night woe

Monday night woe

Bloody miserable i was last night! - sick to the back teeth with this leg dilema that i have - Well its not a dilema as such its a 'no brainer' - i dont want to walk with a damn limp - So i've made my mind up - If the doc wants to operate on Monday then i'll do it - Simple as that - No fuss - just get my leg better Doc' - 6 months of not walking is better then a lifetime of limping im sure of that.

So anyway nothing happened last night - got home - No MP - got food - turned telly on - Watched shit till BB6 came on - watched Saskia (&Maxwell) rip the fuck out of Makosi for giving the secret housmates (who are all cocks) all the cider and then switched off and slept like a baby. Woke up cold in the middle of th enight - as the temp in London at night has dipped to 10C or something - so used the two duvets i had. Woke up and met LH for my lift as usual at 7.45am.

It's D's birthday dinner tonight - somewhere - shame i have no cash i would have loved to go ! Spoke to JS - he's having shit with ex ! and thats it faithful readers - I'll be off now to make some money!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Nipple Island

Hills and Sea
Originally uploaded by cupevampe.
In the distance theres a hill that looks like a nipple - If you look really hard . .

O and theres something in the foreground that gets in the way of this really funny hill that looks like a nipple in the way - dammit!

Why o why did the photographer mess up on this picture ! God isnt there anyone who can take a decent photo nowerdays ?

oh my god !

Oh my God!

It seems blogger have got their lives sorted and decided to let us upload our shots directly instead of going through that ridiculous regime of cut and paste - cut and paste - or just use FlickR as a blogging tool instead ! So i thought i'd try it out and see what its all about - !

Here we go !

James with Homer

James with homer
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James with Homer

hmm let me explain this one - My company bought a lifesize cut-out of Homer and Darth Vader - Darth being from the darkside and thus good (work that out) and Homer being a dumbass american stereo hick and therefore shit (makes sense) So anyway heres the pic of my pal and colleague James and me hiding behind homer - As i have done 68% of my target and James has down fuck all - TE has done zero as well !

Well done homer !

Broken leg Update #4

Broken leg update #4

Oh my gosh - Went to see my surgeon this morning regarding my consultation with Dr.Wang last Monday (thanks to PA for the lift) and received some crap news - Basically i learnt some stuff that i didnt know before - The surgeon was keen to impress on me that the injury i incurred whilst jumping off a damn car bonnet on the 24th April tore all my ankle ligaments and smashed both the Tibula and Fibula into smitherines - I have 2 spiral fractures of both both bones that will take a minimum of 3 months to heal - that aside wasnt the bad news - i can handle 3 months. . This is the bad news

I didnt know that i had torn the ligaments attached to my ankle - well all of them - and that in the prosess of healing there is a gap between the fib and tib when it joins the ankle bone - He pinched my ankle together and it hurt like fuck - this is how he knows - So i got a new bright yellow cast and another appointment next monday - In between now and next week i have the following to make my mind up.

I may have to undergo further surgery to pin both bones together just above the ankle - This means general anesthetic and 2/3 days in hospital - and a further 3 months on crutches - with a further operation to have the damn pins out in 3 months after that. The titanium pins in my leg may not have to come out (and they dont interfere with airport xray scans!)

When i asked him "how long before i walk again?" - He replied 6 months - for gods sake - 6 months ! no walking for 6 months ! - this cant be serious ! - I cant beleive what i did that night - i basically ruined 2005 - A whole year - and any chance of me going away next year to work - Something i had my heart set upon . . What the fuck do i do about moving my furniture in ! - I need MP and JS's help and more - I hope maybe JO can help too ? Or do i just get my pops to help ?

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck - - - by the way im crying . . well kinda simpering like a baby - im still in shock i think - Even more reason now to get on and whack this fucking target of mine to peices!

Its a toss up with walking with a limp for the rest of my life or having surgery - Already i think surgery is the only way forward dont you !

Wish me luck blogosphere - if there ever was a time i needed some nice comments it would be now ..

Friday, June 24, 2005

O dear Glastonbury floods !!

O dear Glastobury floods!

Shit ! take a look at the news reel here for pictures !

Heavy rain flooded parts of the site, with dozens of tents lost under water, while lightning strikes affected thestages and knocked out power lines. Bands such as The White Stripes, Doves and The Killers are due to play at the event, with 112,500 people expected. No serious injuries were reported, but conditions are expected to stay muddy. Ambulance staff reported nine emergency cases, but none of the people involved turned out to be seriously injured. Organisers said under 100 tents had been washed away, and facilities had been set up to hand out clothing and new tents for those affected

Britney warp

Britney warp
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Found a nice warp gizmo thingy that gives you the chance to have a face-attack and warp the hell out of someones face - Hence the piccy on the left - I had a good old pop at a couple of others - nameley Eminem and MJ - Will post my creations later.

So anyway the site you wanna head off to for java based warping face fun is Urban75 - Let me see your creations if you can - email me as usual at or post it up on Flickr and send me the link in comments ! Terrific

Glastonbury 'washed out'

Glastobury 'washed out'

Damn weather - its been pissing down on Glastonbury for a bout 6 hours now and it is thought that it will have to be postponed for a few hours because of power faliures and general bad weather. Click here to take a laughable view of the Glasto webcam.

Glasto Weather today:

Thunder storm

Max: 22 C
Min: 14 C

I am a clever chap!

I am a clever chap!

I have just managed to add some fancy code that allows me to rotate my top banner-image - Its been on my mind for some time now and i think it looks pretty good - So all day today i'll be messing around with 650x250 banners and making some interesting changes to the style of the top banner.

What do ya think ?

O and i makes me wonder

O and it makes me wonder

Yes - hows this for bloody weird - My funny new flatmate has invited his ex's sister to stay over the weekend - Now nothing extraordinary in that is there - But then if i tell you that we have only 1 bed in the place (Mine!) and MP hasnt moved his in yet (cashflow problems apparently) - So with that on mind wheres she going to sleep ?

O did i mention shes a glamour model ?? - Yep - amd theres me all getting a little excited when he told me last night

"O didnt i say - the husband Steve and the kids will be coming too"

WHAT THE FUCK - where are all these people going to be sleeping? - No really WHERE ? - i nearly fell off my queen sized cozy bed when he dropped that on me - ! - keerrazy bloke - i was too fucking tired to put up a fight or even to acknowledge the ridiculousness of this - They sure as fuck aint having my bed - Its a mess anyway - since i can't tidy the place up properly for lack of places to put shit - Its all over my floor - and more or less half way up the walls - !

What a major monkey idea that is - The thing is i cant go and stay at Becks all weekend coz i do every bloody weekend and im sure shes sick of my messy ass smelling up the place and since im flat broke they are paying for my deeerrink and fooood all weekend.

So in protest of this stupidity i'm staying in my bed all week and im not bloody moving - end of. Only for sex, money, drink and food shall i give up my matress . . In that order.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Attacks from space

Attacks from space

I apologise in advance for the annoying critters from Mars blowing the hell out of my blog - It's slowing things down a little but all will be fine soon - Im hoping they dont send in the Dinosaurs that they said they had stashed if i didnt pay up on the ransom.

Anyway - i shall return in the morning hopefully to an alien free blog.

Gimme a drink for gods sake

Gimme a drink for gods sake

I dont know - life is a funny old wheel isnt it! Just got off phone to none other then SS - looking for help as usual, i was in the moood to help for once as well which was nice of me wasnt it! heheh - So now im off home to play golf, drink and smoke o and maybe later some sleep - o and i might get to cut JS's hair and get to borry BW's lappy for a bit - hoping that theres a wireless network in the flat somewhere - Im guessing already that theres not!

Damn its hot !

Damn its hot !
All rights belong to arrjay (RJ).
Damn its hot!

Just a note for the months to come on how damn hot it is tonight - Its so hot at lunch me and Gary went for a Shandy at the local crap-pub and sat melting in the heat.

James and Tamer turned up later on and James as usual cracked with a quip on how pink i was - He can talk the ginger sun hating big eared tossbag! hehe no really im surprised he hasnt actually melted like a chocolate fireguard in this heat !!

So anyway - local weather tomorrow says that there are flash floods and general rain all blooday day - good side of it all is that it looks very nice for Sunday - Which is good as its my non drinking alchohol meaning i can sweat all day in the sun without worry that my brain will marinate in alchohol and turn a dark brown - Cant wait

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


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Quiet simply this lady is stunningly beautiful - Great picture with warm lighting coming from behind.

Again an awesome photo that deserves a place on my space - Take a look - you'll see what i mean.

She reminds me of a girl from my schooldays called Lulu - She looked very very simular and was also very sweet and kind - Behind that kind demure she was a maneater and seduce blokes with ease. My mate has bumped into her recently and apparently may be checking back with her for a drink!

Bring it on Random !

New Banners

New Banners

Ive been busy this morning! - Making myself a new banner on Photoshop - Looked into some interesting websites that show you how to make your own filters and to add gradient and interesting detail to your design - I said bollocks to all that and clicke don a ready made outline after making my text in the shape of a fish - I could change the name to 'Tails of the Unexpected' i suppose - he he o h that was crap.

So anyway - I'm looking for a script that will automate the banner for me - Ideally i'd like to have an infinite amount of rotations allowed - but im guessing that could be too much to ask for. Im off to have a look - What do you think of my current banner ?

I have made loads so have a look and if you like a particular one then please let me know ! - I wish i could send you to a page but unfortunately i cant - so if you have the time let me know in comments which one makes you moist most of all .... o and if you know a good banner rotation script . . cheers

Gorgeous Twins

twins trois
All rights belong to arrjay (RJ).
Hope to liven my page up today with this piccy of a couple of awesome looking twins - Wish i know who they were but alas i don't.

Theres a load of pics of these two on my FlickR page so head over there using the link if you fancy - However this is the best shot in my book - the others are a little gratuitous and un-necessarly NSFW - So anyway enjoy.

419 scammers #2

419 Scammers #2

I had another email from those idiots in Nigeria (or so we thought) - This one was from Albert Nwa and on checking out the usual places for getting Whois info it turned out he's based in the UK - How funny is that! So funnty in fact that i started a new blog called 419scam. Check it out if you want - there's only one email so far - but i will get round to replying later on after ive eaten this morning.

I hope i can catch Alberts attention and get a cool reply - I have been reading up on ebolamonkey mans site on how to cage a Mugu and im going to do just that - So wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

45 second load time sorted

45 second load time sorted

Finally dumped off the useless Blogextra commenting service that dragged my load time into the cupboard and slammed the door on it's face - So im looking for a new commenting system - and on my travels i found Haloscan to be pretty good - So i think i'll give it a go . . Not sure - Maybe if one or two of you out there could help me - EMAIL ME @

You should be able to click directly on the link to let me know what is a good FAST commenting system - othere then Blogextra of course !

thanks in advance to anyone who answers my plea !

Monday, June 20, 2005

The worlds WORST boob job

The worlds WORST boob job

Sorry gang to stoop this low but i thought it only acceptable that we all take the piss ouf of Crystal Storm and her hugely malshaped boobs . . (she lived at neverland apparently) Sorry again - and this is NSFW

Make Bono History!

Make bono History!

Found an amusing t-shirt in making MakePovertyHistory a mokery! It made me laugh so it should you too. . . Click here to see it.



Yep i found an excellent way to terminate those rubbish looking blogs that we all have to endure - Well if you think mine is shit then heres your paradise - Just copy my URL into clipboard and click on the nice big netdisaster picture and then it will self destruct into whatever you like - Nuke attack - Mars Attack - Paint ball attack - even God attackes - Loads of ways to blow that shitty-blog up... O how much fun-By the way you can add a Netdisaster dropdown menu to your website / blog - But for some reason it doesnt work so well with Blogger - the 2nd drop down and go button disable themselves - You can add an automatic destruction to your page which is amusing! - So anyway - go blow stuff up !

I bet you wondered !

I bet you wondered too !

The most honiest honey in the world

All rights belong to arrjay (RJ).
A bud of mine off FlickR commented that his nose stareted bleeding when he had a look at this photo - Which of course i didnt believe, until of course i had a closer look and my eye fell out - Not sure if the two could be connected or whether there is a virus going round...

Anyway - If i should ever see a girly like this one - propping herself up next to a bar in my holiday resort, i will make a beeline for that post and help her with her pose - and swimming costume too - (looks like it could do with straightening!) Feel free to comment won't you chaps - Here or on FlickR - your choice. . .

An email from Financial Trust Bank #2

An email from Financial Trust Bank #2

Sadly i havent heard back from Monica in Australia - Who is actually based in the UK according to her Whois address finder - Santa and his little helpers will be awfully upset. . .

Strangely i havent heard from any of her dumb Mugu friends either for a bit - seems like the 419'ers have given up on me shorterm - shame i was hoping to get a conversation going with one of them to send off to Eblolamonkey man. . .

Maybe i'll try harder on the next one . . .

Phew 33 degrees!

weather 20/06/05
All rights belong to arrjay (RJ).
Phew 33 degrees!

Had a cozy bozy hot weekend here in sunny Warlingham / Purley - Went upto Good Companions with the normal bunch of loons - BW was icky and wanted to kill anyone within 5 metres of her - so we packed up early and went down to The Boulevard to see TP - As usual he was talking for Britain and waffling on about stuff - I dunno that boy should definitely go for a job in a call centre or something! JS and BW finally picked me up after stranding me there earlier and we went home for beer.

Woke up Saturday with the sun beating down at 31 degrees C at 10 am in the morn - I swiftly moved my sore head and a can of beer (to help the head) onto the back lawn to bathe - Eventually the other 2 reprobates joined me and we decided at 12pm to head of to Coombe Lodge and get some grub. Grub was gooood - Saw some bloke wearing jeans and a red hoody (the pratt) in 33 degree weather - Not sure why - Maybe he was sick or had a cold - lol - Went home and collapsed on the couch and slept all the way through to Sunday morning - the other two went to a bbq but left early after suffering the same lazyitus syndrome as yours truly.

Sunday seemed better - woke up early after borrowing a bed and we headed off to Box Hill to have a look at the bikes and stuff - get a drink and generally go cruising in the 206cc - Yep and you guessed it - i got a little burnt - Not badly but enough to warrant a stingy arm all afternoon Sunday after getting dropped off at 3pm - I didnt want to get in the way anymore - I could tell BW was getting a little ratty and to be honest i hadnt spent a penny all weekend so it was time to go - thanks again you 2 - i owe you lot s and lots and lots xx

Friday, June 17, 2005

Nice !

Nice . . !

O well - quiet one for me

O Well - quiet one for me

Looks as if i'm on my own all weekend with half a loaf of bread and a block of cheese - Ive got 7 quid on my card to spend and no real hope of seeing any money that i'm owed - Glasses will be Sunday (i hope) won't count my chickens on that fact as my geezer seems more occupied with telling stories about staying in! and not going out - Well i'll will be calling about 10pm to see if thats the case.

Thinking seriously about advertising for a new flat mate to be honest - I feel bad about even thinking about it - but i cant stand the feeling that im getting lied to - Been told that he's "staying in" on a Friday night! - well i'll be calling at 10.30pm to find that out. If he's out i'll be asking why. .

Actually - who the fuck do i think i am - He owes me 125 quid thats all - I need that money fair enough but i havent actually asked for it have i ! - I need it to get my stuff out of storage sure - but thats not why im angry - its because hes not made any effort to make it a home i suppose - And i have a feeling he'll just stroll in when its all done and make out like "this is my space too" or go and sulk like a baby (that he is) when he cant get his way . . Jesus im sounding like a right poooofta ! Im not i guarantee you - i just dont like being butt-fucked by someone !!actually anyone!

So JS called a minute ago - says he's made a breadboard for me !! more like a butchers board he said - cant wait ! lol - and the Toyota Surf's being used by his Mam to get some trailer from Wales or summink - BW said its a quiet one as well as not happy with some bits and peices - But i do hope we go out in the sun and get some beers in . . . . pleeeeeese !!! - I will bloody cry if i dont get out - to the point of begging my Dad to come and get me so i can sit and watch him painting - !! Anyway im off for the weekend - I'll post some pics in a min..

Broken leg update #3

Broken leg update #3

So - heres me hoping this blue annoying cast would be cut off for good and i'd be wearing a window-licker boot instead - but Nooooooo - Apparently the Tibula that i smashed into 3 different bits isn't looking so good - The bone around the break isnt healing as fast as it should and it needs another month of cast minimum!

Great - And on top of that my nice surgeon who did the "experimental" work has asked to see me personally; so as to keep me informed and stuff on what i should and shouldnt be doing to help things along - Basically i should have been off work and on my back for 6 weeks ! Right ! and whos paying my fucking rent then! SSP pays 12.80 quid a day and i wasnt going to get any help on my rent as i was sub-letting off a 'pal' at the time. Just think about all those nice foreign immigrants who get rent and everything paid for and yet a paying UK citizen whos never claimed dole or a penny off my OWN country gets 12.80 a day ! Fuck right off !

So anyway - back to relevant subjects - Im pissed off - im not seeing my pops on Sunday as he's busy painting doors or something and i'll be laid up at home doing fuck all as i have 3 quid to my name for the rest of the month - With one or two people owing me cash - blatantly i spoke to one of them and he's been awarded a payrise - Well done - How about that 40 quid you owe me mate. . The other one still lives at home and gets fed by Mummy - Again nice one pal. .

I think i'd better go and get on with some work - my bad attitude this morning isnt best directed at these poor people - i just hope they realize before its too late that a crippled mate is suffering and needs a little support - And Quick!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Scary zoom picture thing

Scary zoom picture thing

Very scary - scary beard and scary zoom effect that goes on forever - check it out ! ooooooo scarrrrry !

An email from Financial Trust Bank

An email from Financial Trust Bank

I keep getting these bloody emails - every day a new one from someone different. I mean if i was going to do this - and phish for someones card details etc etc - wouldnt you just send one email - Not like 30 or so - one a day for a month - all asking for complete secrecy and bank details- Stupid dumb fucktards - I came across a site dedicated to phishing them right back and gettin gthem to photo themselves with a funny sign. I'll try and find it again and post one of the pics back here - but for now please entertain yourself with the original email and my reply - Read this -

Monica Carrington
Director of Asset, Financial Trust Bank Plc
Melbourne , Australia.

Dear Sir/Ma,

I am Ms. Monica Carrington, Director of Asset, Financial Trust Bank Plc, Melbourne, Australia. I am writting to bring to your notice that I have the sum of $6,200,000.00(Six Million, Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars)
I want you to help me so that I can deposit this money into your account.If you assist me in moving this funds out of the bank , I will give you 30% of the money then I will take 60% while 10% is mapped out for all the sundry expenses including transfer cost. After the transfer I will travel to your country for my share which will basically go for investment in your country. I cannot keep this money in my account because I am not allowed to operate such an amount in my country Australia as an asset manager .

I will be very glad if you will keep this business confidential, if you agree to this proposal, please indicate your interest immediatelythrough this E-mail address:, so that my attorney will prepare a document that will guarrantee the legitimate source of the funds into your account for an investment purpose


Please observe utmost confidentiality, and rest assured that this transaction would be 100% risk free and most profitable for both of us because I shall require your assistance to invest my share in your country.

Thanks in anticipation, as I wait your urgent and positive response.

Ok so i decided to send one back

Santa Claus
Director of Presents, North Pole. Neverland

Dear Monica

I am Santa Cheif of present giving and i have 56,145,000 elves all currently looking for somewhere to go on vacation this year. I hear Melbourne is nice. Can i pop round for a cup of tea and see if we can't arrange for them to holiday sometime?

Can i ask though that you send me your credit card details and a signed naked picture of yourself before i get on the plane and meet you. But please keep this email confidential - I'm not sure why - !

Looking forward to your email

Santa Claus

I'll fill you in and let you know how it goes!

04.05pm RJ added - Well ive found the site i was thinking about and its called 419eater. Basically this guy gets to take the piss out of these fools from Nigeria - Often they are based in the UK! whats that ll about! check the site and speand a little time reading some of the wind ups - its quite funny!

Am i Hot or Not?

Am i Hot or Not?

Clearly im bloody not ! lol ! i mean if you scroll down to the left and catch the little hot or not piccy and rating you'll see ive been rated 1/10 and 2/10 ! WTF ! come on - am i really that pig fucking ugly ? hmm i dont think so - Maybe i'll go back into Hot or Not and get my revenge !

On the other hand i can't be arsed - I mean im really not overly bothered - If i dont get a 8 or 9 im gonna start voting for myself.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Gods kittens

All rights belong to arrjay (RJ).
Had to post this little gem up on the net - It's my version of a photo i came across a while ago - the other one wasnt as good i think - and this one ive added some more text - but you get the idea.

It's almost scary to se the little kitten in full stride over the grass - and those puppets in the background are awesome!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

History of MJ in video

History of MJ in video

This is pretty shocking really - and shows you a weirdly wonderful bloke called Michael Jackson morphing from boy-strange man - He got off - So what ! He's never going to get his career back again - Gary Glitter didnt so why should he - And anyway Michael Jackson actually touched boys where as Gary Glitter didnt as far as i'm aware.

So anyway heres the quicktime morphing thing ! Click on the face and look at a man making a mess out of his own face!

You made my bunny cry

You made my bunny cry
All rights belong to arrjay (RJ).
You made my Bunny Cry

This is the most sweet photo i have ever ever seen and im loving it so much im going to mess with it on Photoshop and blog it again....

How sweet is that poor bunny - !

Aw makes me wanna go down the petshop and get one for home - You forget that the little rotters eat your plants and shoes and then wee on you when you sleeping in the garden on a hot day.

Bet this one had been told off for doing just that !

Lago Llanquihue

Lago Llanquihue
All rights belong to Agridulce.
Lago Llanquihue

Fantastic looking scene - Just where i'd love to be going myself this summer - But unfortunately i shall not be going anywhere thanks to my co. taking all my holiday because i broke my leg.

Never mind theres always next year i suppose - and next year i may have myself a decent looking girly to play with! You never know!

Long haul to Tuesday

Long haul to Tuesday

It's been a struggle already this week - Im constantly tired due to hobbling and doing more then i should be generally - Sunday finished off nicely with JS cooking me, BW and ER a lovely Beef dinner - firstly marinated in Kronenbourg for an hour and then cooked to within an inch of its life - More veg then you could throw a stick at and pleny of lovely gravy and tats - Super.

Got dropped off home and i almost fell into my bed as i was knackered bigtime - We went shopping all day - Macros and Purley Way whilst i sat in the car listening to music - That didnt do much for my tiredness - It really actually knocked the shit out of me.

Anyway - Monday day was good and productive - Waiting on 2 or 3 really large deals to come off - Have to be patient - pushing things really doesnt get things sorted - But today i must concentrate and get the deals signed off.

Last night i was washerman and tidyman with a bit of eat-all-you-can-man - was starving and eat what was mostly left of my food - Must get some at lunch - all i really need is a loaf and maybe some bacon etc etc . . Have to be careful to not spend too much cash - I am skint-man!

So anyway off to make some of that cash i need to dig myself out of this hole !

Ooops - one last thing - Sems MP has moved in his girlfriend - Clothes are all stcked up nicely on the shelves - with a mirror and all her 'bits' - be interesting to find out what thats all about basically - still without any further development of when my fine figure of a flatmates actually moving his shit in ! Not overly bothered right now - Im spending 99% of the time on my own - which is great - but im thinking there will come a time when it gets a little crowded . Just in case theres any dispute - im not bothered its just a third each way that needs paying . . So bring it on.

Right - these bunch of tosspot-pisstaking-unclefucking-dicksnobs are taking the piss out of me so i must go - I managed to slide that dig at cutting my head (dayoff) scenario - they must think it's o so funny - U wait until JO splits up with his bird - I'll blurt it out so loud he'll wish he was gay. . .

Sunday, June 12, 2005

How fucking good can u get?

How flipping good can u get?

Try if you can and make better tooon then Lyla by Oasis . . Manc's or not . . I don't give a f*** .. It's a tune . . Make your next visit to Virgin an Oasis . I will!

Someone say Lyla? . . .

Jade Starling

Jade Starling
All rights belong to arrjay (RJ).
Tarling's are good lookin!

I was browsin' . . it's late saturday night . . im on the pissy cat couch . . albeit not pissy anymore . . BW & JS have gone to bed, and i'm bloggin from Bex lappy. . . Guess what i found! A honey with my name . . . only she's slightly porn. . check it !

She has a website . . It's a little NSFW . . but i'm chuffed that a girly with my name is selling her sweet ass. . . It's not wrong . if i was a fit as her i would too!

Ok Jade . . Starling or Tarling i don't care . . . Do it !

Bella c/o Billywarhol

All rights belong to BillyWarhol.
Bella c/o Billywarhol

I occasionally browse the brilliant host of Flickr - and so far i have made a bud or two . Not so i'd know them as such . but they buddied me too . Sooo anyway here's a pic of Bella from Billwarhols collection of snaps. Flickr rox in my world . . me love .. have fun .. make mates . . look at .. save stuff ... o and blog like me . .

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Just can't get enough !

Just can't get enough !

Yea me - Poker bwoy - me and them - see i think i can outwit - outbluff - outskill all them dudes on - But hey did i get spanked - Was doing very nicely on the 25c tables - Yes made a few bucks - uppd the odds to 50c tables - made some more - Now thats where it went wrong. . .

I thought if i could blunt a hand or two then i'd get a winner . . mmm

No dude read the hand b4 b4 b4 - see the dude making up on my coz he has CASH - im not sure that means 'squat' US dudes look it up on wikpedia - right im talkin poker talk . . . and in all honesty i'll be making a poker blog soon . . enuff poker blogs out there i bet . . . so anyway . .

$32.98 in the bank from a $20 fill ages ago . . . Nope i was spanked by the blinds and the $300+ players in the room for only 4 hands ! I lost all my $32 and i'm left with $4 . . . great . . .

So where was i ? . . . . o yea . . got myself up to $9.17 on a 50c table . . jeeesus . . . maybe i make some more - post in a bit ..

Friday, June 10, 2005

At last the weekends bloody here !

At last the weekends bloody here !

Yep its here - bed bed and more bed then Brighton on Sunday for the Fast and Furious do - Should be a laugh - even if i think i'll be hobbling all day and be totally fuckin nackered for Mondays work ! - All in the name of fun eh ! - So today then - Went for a jaunt of to Boots to get necessaries for my new bathroom - new toothbrush, paste, sponge for my nice new bath , Bog roll - thank god - i couldnt hang on anymore trust me - i even thought about - o ui cant tell you that ! - and some snazzy new deodorant - and some normal keep the smell away stuff.

All in all quite productive - Had bit of a row with JJN last night about some lease docs - really freaked me out - he can rip into you at 400mph and keep going until u feel sick ! and then when you retort with some lame remark about "i dont wanna argue but.." he then rips some more and gets damned personal - So i left work last night feeling dejected and in a word 'semi-suicidal'. Now some of you out there wish i was dead, (you know who you are - i still have nightmares damn you!) . . . but thankfully my Dad was about to make sure that didnt happen - Went off to Chaldon for soem beer and then Caterham on the Hill's Harvester for the worst cup of coffee and beer ever.

Simply if your from my area - Keep the fuck away !

Back home - cleared up - did some more washing and went off to sleep - Woke up today with the worst neck ache EVER - i just cant get cozy in bed - i miss my couch - in fact i miss Becky's house and all the madness that goes on - but for now i like the peace and quiet and the fact that i dont have to pee in a bottle or in the garden !

Right im off to pretend i know what im doing and sell some really expensive colour copiers for fuck all - and go get some beer for my 18 or so holes i'll be playing with Tiger later tonight (on my own i imagine)

See ya - have a good one

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Good God !

Good God!

As soon as i try to get back to being a serious blooger and not just posting random booby shots - I get a load of this through a FlickR buddy (daisypeaches77) of mine - The rest of them are easily as good if not better - but this one has a Simpsons theme and therefore deserves a place in my home....

I promise to get off the booby theme soon gang ! Maybe i need a . . o u know !

Fell over !

Fell over !

I fell over didnt i - not sure where or when and how - but when i got home i had blood running down my forehead and i felt groggy and thus went straight to sleep - I still cant remember what happened in fairness and my boss isnt best happy that i bunked off work - My knee is black and blue so i must have damaged that on the way as well - O god i so want this bloody cast off my leg - its annoying me big time.

Apparently i could be off to "fast and furious" in Brighton on Sunday - weather looks good - so i hope that does happen - 10 quid on the door - and i may get a little jaded with all that walking - maybe i can get a wheel chair somewhere or something similar - Will tak camera so will have loads of pics. right im off to make cash !

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

She's done what ?

She's done what ?

Madness on a Uni-cycle !

Madness on a Uni-cycle !

Ever seen stunts done on a Uni cycle - ? nor me until now - I found a parent directory of about 10-15 jpgs and Mpg's to look at ! bloody amazing this bloke and at the bottom theres a wipeout at the bottom as well - In fact click here for the link ! and here's the main website link.

Gracey Baby . .

45 Quid!,
originally uploaded by gracey baby.
Just a friend online using FlickR - and by the way if you havent got a FlickR account then do so immediately! - Its 10x better then Picasa - and allows a lot of commenting and general browsing of everyones photos - you can set up groups to belong to and all sorts - so get one now!

Monday, June 06, 2005

What me ? whats wrong ?

What me ? Whats wrong ?

Now this made me titter - and then smile - and then laugh - I had to post this up as its obviously been Photoshopped but it's dead good isnt it !

My own tombstone

My own tombstone

Decidied that my blog is boring and shitty and needs a stone to commmemorate its timely death. If you fancy a tombstone for your site then click here and make your own !

Moving is like the dentist

Moving is like the dentist

Actually its worse ! I had Ian, his mate and BW and JS to help me -0 big transit with 4x4 Surf - and we stilll made 2 journeys - and that was just my telly and clothes and bed ! Incredible ! So little stuff took sooo long to move - And thats not eben the settee tables and chairs yet ! Im dreading the rest of the move - I really am - I may have to leave that to MP.

Other then that im dead happy - Im set up as far as a bed is concerned and im cozy - but MP's stuff isnt anywhere to be seen - Met his bird Zoe on sat night ! i evacuated my bed so they could get jiggy with it - What am i like - The floor wasnt all that bad really - heavens forbid im getting used to sleeping badly !

So the other problem is money is running out very very quickly - I have about £100 left and loads of bills to pay - let alone hospital to get to and back from on the 17th - im in a bad way essentially.

Have to get some plates knives and toast at home - cooked 2 sausages in the oven yesterday ! - that was dinner - thats bad - Will have to get MP to buy food as im skintos! O just remembered - DF owes me £25 ! wahee ! o and MP owes me £125.

That still doesnt pay for what i owe though!

Shit . . .

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jackson trial coming to end

Jackson trial coming to an end !

Thank bloody god - I hope the Jury dish a worthy and true verdict - and whats all this crap about the Judge giving them to ability to lessen the charge! - O there had to be a let off somewhere - It is a shame that he has to do time - cant we just export his skinny ass to the North Pole and leave him there - He is guilty of one thing - Being bloody odd - and if that means he's allowed to let his oddness out amongst children - then theres something wrong with us all.

He is as Peodo - not in the whole sense of the word but he definately has un-normal thoughts about young children and teenagers - and at the age of 30-40 something that is damned odd and i think thought of so by all.

So Michael - I await your verdict - and i hope this is the last of your publically humiliating skinning.

Be gone whiteboy

So much for moving in !

So much for moving in!

Again i must be mad - moving is sooo stressful - i bloody hate it - got to the appartment where a nice lady was there ticking a clipboard - What was that all about i wonder - So anyway got the keys and signed the list of things she thought she'd write down - My pedantic side kicked in and i asked her to change one or two of them as quite honestly they were not true.

1 set of keys were gicven for a 2 bed place - the window wasnt fixed - the lights wernt fixed - couldnt get meter readings ! door code was wrong and the list goes on - Then i find out the nutters before me had been stalked by the gilrs boyfriend and the door and stuff had been changed as he had beaten it down with his bare hands !

On that note i wrote a little letter to the Estate agent - a little tuff but fair - a return phone call ensued - with Jo making a mense for what i thought was a shit service for £250 !

So all should be sorted by Friday evening whence i get my ass in the door finally !

keep em peeled !

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Michelle from Big Brother !

Michelle from Big Brother

Baps out to play - But are they real ? I think many of us think not - But i have to say looking pretty impressive from here Michelle ! Lucky Chicken - !! Photo kindly nicked from The Greek Princess Cheers !

Moving in - birthday - moving out - o my god !

Moving in - birthday - moving out - o my god !

At the moment my life is way too hectic - im moving into new flat and have to move stuff in from storage and from Matts - My dads bday is on sunday (when i was going to do it all) and i have to give Ian some cash to help me - regardless of asking poor Justin to give up his Friday night and help me more - bollocks - Sp all in all life is just too bloody hectic - cant stand it

On top of that - because of my broken leg - my commision was pretty crap and i spent a very large chuck of wages on deposit etc etc - So im buggered

Have to rely om Mo - who is working all hours of that day - and who cant help me at all get shit in the flat - so im pissed off

Fill you in later in week