Monday, December 12, 2005

The wrong sort of fire

How typically 'english' - dont know if anyone outside of the UK have seen this - But a petrol storage facility (3 million gallons) decided to ignite and blow the shit out of most of the surrounding area quite near Hemel Hemstead - Shame really coz Hemel could do with a face lift - like a complete makeover - start from ground zero i say - However yesterday, whilst coooking (see last post) i went out for a cancer-stick and looked up at the sky and saw a smoky haze - Now Buncefield is exactly 59.1 miles away (see here) and i could see the smoke covering the blue sky in a transparent type vail.

So anyway the news was that 'its the wrong sort of fire' - dont have enough 'Affff' (the aqueous repelant they need) - Now im just thinking aloud here - but if you had 7 or 8 storage contatiners of 3 million gallons or so each nearby - you'd have thought that you may have a few tricks up your sleeve to put that shit out - bearing in mind that its also a good terror site! - OOOO no - no tell you what - 'We will let the blaze burn itself out' yea thats what we'll do - burn itself out and then try and extinguish it. Hell what else would you do huh ?

My Mum who lives very near to me as well - Actually heard the explosion - claims that someone heard it in the Netherlands - Yea righto you just made that up - like everything else.

So anyway - my point is - Was it a terrorist attack? Im sure AlJazera would like us to worry that it is - and if it was an attack will the government own up to it? Do we care ? Do you care?

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