Monday, December 12, 2005

Jamie Oliver . . move the hell over !

Ooo yes - My mums 60th birthday on Sunday, and i, Ruthlessjack, do declare, that i am a badbwoy chef. Roast Duck with Cherry compote and new potatoes was spot on man - yep - Even if i say it myself - Bloody outstanding i said - Thankfully nobody died whilst eating the wonderfully cooked duck breasta, and nobody choked on my excellently bolied new potatoes either. Loads of cherrys were murdered during the preparation and 2 red onions were taught a good lesson too.

So that aside - i also declare myself - 'Scrabble' king - i won by 40 points on the first game and lost by 1 point the second - down to a rogue 'X' in my tray that i could not rid of. My Mums got a pet Fox by the way - and a Magpie that likes to play with the fox - o and a cat that watches both of them eat on the lawn - Dont beleive me ? click here!

Apart from that - i got in at about 10pm and opened a lovely can of beer - and another and then listened to New Order on my headphones until my brain hurt. Which was fun. How was your weekend ?

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