Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Good lord

This is some lucky blokes girlfriend called ***** - and he has an account on FlickR - ages ago he came to my attention for a picture of a car (or something) - then the next one was a normal piccy of this fine honey - And today, because im bored like a just recently fed shark, (wtf?) i delved a little deeper into his piccys.

First thing i noticed was the lack of comments - so im guessing not many people get to see his stuff. And then i noticed he was making a card to send out to his friends - incorporating said girl. And here it is. . . Well there are 2 now - but you get the idea.

Forgive me lord for my sins - but i promise to make myself rich next year so i can afford a girl this good. Its about time Lord - Amen - o and Lord can you bring me the strength to give up them damned cigarettes a\nd booze please. Ta mate respect.

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