Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dont you just love the B3TA

Respect to eclechtech with this top top frontpage effort on B3TA - has to be one of the best comic genius gifs ever to grace my PC - endlessly funny and just bootiful ! Woooo - also the great and wonderful elechtech has devised a Festive Messenger for all ya mates here.

Absolutely brill remake of that tway James Blunts shitty song Your Beautiful (or Gullible!) here as well. Seriuosly good - i sat and watched it with my boss whos from NZ and he wet himself - literally!

What about Haggis hurl - not very festive but some great noises!

Anyway again i tip my hat off to Eclectech and suggest u get that fat ass over there for some fun . . . Woooooo

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