Friday, December 16, 2005

Catch up on stuff this week and on teh weekend

Loads to fill you lot in with - All week ive been thinking about the boozing in teh week issue - Ive decided since im looking to get snaffled up next year its time to grow teh fuck up and become a reall 'man' - yep its time to pack in the Xbox and take up teh gym - Stop going for 5 beers after work and go home and cook a nice meal for myself - and generally get more in tune with my career and carve out that niche that ive been threatening to do for some time. First things first though - i have to get over this weekend first.

Saturday night is company Xmas do night - there will be absolutely loads of us there - and when i say there, i mean Addington Palace. Its bloody nice there apparently - ive not been before but ive heard it lully - Its where they hold the 'Posh' dos occasionally - and ive seen the pictures and im impressed - Soooo - will or will i not get some action? I know who im up for - and frankly i think i have a chance of a sly fiddle - but will i get it or not ? hmmmm

So onto next week - JO is off to Andora somewhere on a snowboarding holiday the lucky fuck and so i have to cover his shit - I need to sort out a few install problems over the New Year in advance and obviously get my own GM calendar up to scratch and get my Yearly plan sorted so i can get ahead of this drive to be an adult that i have !

Other then that its the usual shit - chasing CB for the rest of this months rent ! why do i get such bad luck with flatmates huh ! - Its 16 days late and he owes me 275 quid - if i dont get it by the end of the weekend i feel i'll have to chuck his sorry ass out - i have no recourse really do i ? especially since hes a lazy son-of-a-bitch who has issues and no ability - and he hasnt ever given me a deposit. Shit what do i do?

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