Tuesday, November 29, 2005

War of the 'soldiers of fortune' . . .

Work has more then its fair share of testoserone filled men - full of hard-core banter and normal the air is red with blood and swearing - Now just occasionally this goes too far - for instance ** decided to show me the fuck up in front of the office - not just a little bit but because he knew he had an audience he went for the jugular - And boy did he strike hard - This strikes me as a tiny bit wrong - directors should know better then to rip the shite of of staff in front of people - period - thats why you have offices, and on this occasion, the shouldnt have done that shame rate was 10/10. (well done!)

So off i go to Amsterdam and yes of course the banter carries on with all sorts of shit flying around - in honesty im sick of the crap - the piss taking - the cronic roping of people - it seems that i am bit of an easy target - i make myself that of course - im too nice and yes i have a big bald head and slightly overweight - im 4 eyed and have no girlfriend - Who wouldnt take the piss - however . . .

Yesterday a close close mate of mine (who i work with) and who i thought i knew better, decided to take the piss in front of the 2 new guys im training (you know usual fat 4 eyed cun* stuff) - So when i rattled off a cuss back - he didnt like it - as i went straight for the jugular - i rattled off a personal comment about him not having the 'balls' to leave his bird - he got up and offered me out for a fight!! - needless to say i replied with 'grow up dude this aint a playground (or something) - and btw this is something he does in the office a lot - and secondly he hits on me a lot - thats wrong (i'm addressing this separately)

Knowing that ive had enough - i stood my ground in the meeting (this morning re last nights fraccar) and said that i was sorry and i crossed the line - but what was i to do ? - let him constantly rip the crap from me ? not reply ? be bullied ? NO WAY . .

The end result - i have a feeling that the normal playful banter that is normally acceptable in this office will end - and i will be singled out and not included in the playful stuff - just because the bullyboy cant handle his own medicine.

So anyone out there who is being bullied or has been, or is a bully - be aware - We can snap at anytime - you wont like it and you'll come off worse - trust me you will - To those who get grief at work or home, or wherever, be strong and stand up for your self and all will be ok - dont be fooled - the harder they think they are the harder they have to fall - and this person will find out teh hard way if he likes - I just might get some work done now . . . . Woo

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