Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Photographer of the year award

Well if im honest im not that impressed with the finalists - I have a sneaky feeling i could have taken a better piccy standing in a the mens toilet at battersea dogs home then some of the entries. Saying that - what the f*ck do i know? I mean all these arty-farty types who go to the Tate modern or who go to these self-obsessed fashion shows. So anyway head over here and tell me what YOU think - frankly like i said im not that impressed.

So onto other news - Yesterday the lads went canvassing and 1 or 2 of them did 7 calls in 2 hours ! yep 7 - whereas the 2 oldies of the day did 26 i think and teh last set of pillocks did 32. I offered out due to sore leg and the fact i can make 30 calls in 1 hour and get the same leads. Which i did. Thats boring. O joy - my most unfavourite member of my company has just walked in - what a boring cu*t - Some of the others are having a blitz day and are dressing up foolishly - Phil looks the best and ive posted a piccy of him . . . dear o dear o dear!

Apart from that my beloved Chelsea lost a game of footy for once (against Real Betis) - doesnt matter tho - quite frankly it will only stir up more vengence and brew strength within the Mourinho stable - Every team has a blip and this is the one that was due. Didnt watch the game i was too busy trying to get my head round Driv3r - and in fact i did - the gameplay is a bit suspect - the main character moves really badly - How on earth they can throw jokes at San Andreas i dont know - But hey.

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