Thursday, November 24, 2005

Off to Amsterdam tomorrow ! woo

Yep for 3 days im off to busy my face with bottles and bottles of Amstel and get completely fekked off me nut - looking forward to this for some time now - the fact that im in a bit of a bad mood is an understatement - saying goodbye to the opportunity of a new job has aggravated me - and just top harp on a bit - and explain - i just couldnt bear working with a cun* like PB - his a facist prick with no chin and the only reason ONLY reason he has a job is hes the bosses brother in law - all the girls think hes creepy - he generally hated and infamously boring as fuck - ive beaten him up once - it was play fight i might add - but it counts - if he decides to cause stress on my head again - i will stab a fork in the back of his Occipital Bone . . no word of a lie.

So on my way to Amsterdam i will be mostly drinking - and getting laid somewhere - im going to take my time to find a great looking beast and get the works - dont worry folks i will be 'hatted' up to the eyeballs - if im honest i'll probably bottle it - but i have good intentions. . well they aint 'good' intentions - i just may give it a go - i will see.

hmm - now im thinking more about it - Should i ? u know - lay with a proz ? - dunno where its been do i ? well u do - all over fucking Europe i imagine and further i expect - these girls get jobs all over the world - some of them - why dont i just get a nice 'hat-job' - that would be better i feel . . . dunoo what do you lot think ?

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