Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I did ! I watched 50 first dates

But i wont be again - I like Drew Barrimore - in fact i might stalk her if i ever get to America - but for now im gonna take the piss out of a film that quite frankly i wish i hadnt seen - it had laughable bits in - like the Happy Gilmore take off when the kids were on the golf course - and obviously the bits about the sons wet dreams - heh he ooo not too funny then - overall it made me feel very sad - i felt sad because because becaus. . . well because i still miss someone - and it was one of those break up get back together soppy ass mindpiss films we call really hate deep down. I liked Drew as the forgetful pyscho lovable sexmistress and Adam Sandler as the goofy idiot - Rob Schneider as teh whacked out shark bitten spliffhead twat with lots of kids with a fat bird. Sean Astin as the wet dreaming steroid injecting brother of Drew - I remember him from The Goonies - Aaaah.

It got a big 7.5/10 from me - i liked it - even if i wont watch this tripe again ....

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