Monday, November 07, 2005

Good lord

Im sure you lot are in tune with words - So when i say Pink Taco - what comes to mind ? - how about Camel Toe - Yup i thought you'd might get that one at least - so when i came across this photo - and forgive me but i forget whos blog it was - i shuddered - Loo at the state of that! she must be getting some serious burnage there - Seriously blooody painfull that surely! Click for a closer viwe by that way.

On other items - I got bloody wankered on a Sunday - again! great stuff - met DS for a beer went to his ma's food - went to his, played GT on projector - that was nutty - went to pub and saw Chelsea lose to Man U - chatted up some floozies - CB came out to play - went into Croydon (Milan Bar) more booze and then went to Escapade - which was actually pretty good - got spanked hard - and nearly broke my leg again break dancing with DS - Yep u heard it ! Lost CB and got home - he had the stereo up full whack and was whining on about leaving the twat behind - truth is we lost him and was no-where to be seen. Thought he'd peeled off with someone . . woke up drunk - fell like shit - guess where im going in a min!

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