Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Getting into work this morning was shit!

Firstly - just so you know - i'm NEVER late - In fact i have been known to get in at 7am - most mornings im here with a cup of tea at my desk - pc onand checking emails / quotes / whatever at 8am latest - however as i broke my leg some 7 months ago - LH has been bringing me to work - handy that - but she decided to go to Spain for 4 days with young KH (where the fuck has she gone to anyway!) - Lat Thursday i think she mentioned she'd be picking me up at 7.30 as there was a managers meeting - i forgot and waited as usual at 7.45 - no show - forgot me phone so i ran upstairs and got it - ran back downstairs and still not there - Jumped on a 455 to Caterham.

I jumped off again at Purley Cross and legged it (like a scalded 3 legged cat) up to the bus-stop - where i waited nearly 40 mins for the 289 - in the rain - next to a fast inside lane dual carriageway - where i saw 3 of my work colleauges fly by - WAVING ! yes fucking waving - Wasnt their fault if im honest - you cant stop anyway !

So eventually JO did get there and did stop and did get me to work - where we were locked out of the sales meeting - woooooo - still feeling the pressure from PH as we speak - my jobs getting bothersome - mistakes being made by all sorts of people and im not as happy as i should be - remember i said i might be looking on - i mentioned it again - 50/50 response so far. Is it th right time to move ? i'll do some more investigation.

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