Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fuck the new job

Decided to fuck the new job - and stay in sales- i realised that i have to deal side by side with absolute twats as opposed to selling to them - The case of realizing that im better off with the devil i know instead of the devil i dont. PB gave me the insight to that - he really is a fucking twat - i would happily give my left teste to woop-up-side-his-ugly-flat face the twunt . . .

Sending an email now. Just means im staying here for now - obviously on borrowed time.

So heres a short story for you - Im the bloke on the right - happily standing in free space and enjoying life - then all of a sudden i see something dodgy - u know like a bird flying extremely fast in the wrong direction - then WHAMMM - im head first in the ground - eating teeth. Good stuff - Story of my life this year - but from the 1st of Jan next year - it wont be - trust me i wont be fucked with next year!

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