Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Catching up before a long hard day

Been not very good lately - nothing but going out and getting planked somewhere - which has to stop - im feeling ill and run down - Long nights in are on the cards watching telly - Lovefilm will help - and definately no more drinking - Im off to Amsterdam towards the end of the month so i'll have more then enough opportunity to drink myself into an early grave.

No seriously i've had enough - no more after work pints - no more 6 cans of Stella in front of San Andreas and no more Sunday night 'lets go to Escapades' enough is fucking enough. So with that in mind - here is my new diet.

Lots of water - healty(ish) eating during work hours - and definately nightly cookig of chicken, pasta and all things tasty and healthy(ish!) - Anyone got any suggestions for tasty and healthy(ish) food - I dont want to or need to lose weight - im happy about myself - i just would like some energy back - i feel lethargic and generally down - not depressed just worn out . . Tress i know u can help me out - Brain food is what i need - and my goal is to produce healthy coloured floating poo's. (sorry for that)

Anyway - onto a lighter note - Watched Fargo - which as i remember when watching Channel4's best films of all-time it reached the Top10 -(im checking google as i write this brb) . . . . . ok then i'm talking bollocks - im sure it was high in someones favourite film list - but not this one.

So anyway - it was a mild mannered 18 certificate with occasional bloodshed / violoence - but nothing your mother in law hasnt seen before - Tongue in cheek acting from the great William Macy and Steve Buscemi with some odd goings on in the middle of Fargo - Its snowy and no fucker lives there as far as i can fathom - Apart from the lady cop who takes it upon herself to solve the crime of a dead cop - See piccy and the missing car from the lot - its all of course been dreamt up by Macy's character - whos been messing with the figures on his car showroom that he manages - he gets a call saying that h/o need a written letter confirming the 320,000 dollars worth of motors that hes clearly not sold - so he devises a plan to get his wife kidnapped - Enter Steve Buscemi and Peter Stormare ( remember him in Armegeddon ? as the nutty Russian cosmonaut?) So what does it get as a score from me ?? 7/10 worth a watch but not 9 quid at HMV.

And a late entry to todays post by young John from Sunderland - Nice one buddy - Anyone wonder what the fuck thats all about ? My beef never looks like that . . tsk (btw click the piccy for a closer look - its SFW by the way but only just!)

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