Monday, November 28, 2005

Amsterdam was a bit much this year

Got fucked basically - didnt feel well all day Sunday - and wanted to die bigtime in the airport - apart from that there was no gossip or any shit goings on - i fell asleep in the corridor outside my door - because one of the twots i was staying with didnt open teh damn door! Then i awoke having a pee in teh corner of the room - i hate that - cant find the loo in a strange place and u just go! -

Heres some photos from the weekend - Obviously no names mentioned - due to - well wives i think - more to follow - check my flickr site here. In fact now that im on the subject of FlickR - i received an email from support saying that i wasnt allowed an account anymore - due to my pictures being 'favourites' and not taken by my good self - I replied that they were talking bollocks and that over 80% i had taken 'so take a hike' and they did - woooo - however i hope im not counting my chickens too soon - i may just get a 'banned' message soon ! Hope you like the photos - :)

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