Thursday, November 10, 2005

500 blogger posts (and other news)

Yep 500 posts on Tales of the Unexpected 2, what about that then huh - seems like just yesterday that i started this incredibly odd story of my life and stuff that goes on in it - So that all started way back in December 2003 - started off with posting links and general rubbish really - and started to take it more serious in August 2004 - My first template was crapness - second one was ok - but i flogged it badly with scripts and crap that made it incredibly slow to load - and often it took over 30 secs! - not good as most of my trade comes thru BE - so got rid of that one and this is what it looks like now . . . great

So what have i been doing ? well CB's been good - got my suit dry-cleaned for me and stuff - dont know what i would have done without his help really so cheers buddy - i need the suit for a trade show i did at Fairfield Halls Croydon - It was ok - Just a small Chamber of Commerce meeting - got 4 or 5 decent leads and untold cards from weirdos and time wasters - Liz (an old mate) was there - she seemed overjoyed in seeing me again - which is weird - still she gave me mobile number - (im not going to call it) - shes a fricking nightmare - Her pal Lizzie was clearly pleased about showing all teh boys her big boobies - i love big boobies in a tight top - hmm i need a girlfriend . . . . they were quite awesome - not quite as bloody awesome as youngRH's in my office - jeeezus - absolutely brilliant - I tried to slide in with her ages ago - I got the 'i have a boyfriend tho' routine - 'So?' was my reply - the rest is quite embarrassing so i'll tell those who wanna know personally - i aint bloggin' it!

So back now at work - Im thinking of applying for a job - a new career - something slightly different - i know i'd be great at it - i do it all day anyway - had 15 years experience in it - so why not - anyway im getting a bit tired of selling - its not so much fun without shit loads of profit - so ive got the wheels in motion - see what happens.

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