Friday, October 21, 2005

Whats the story - jackanory?

You know i was whining on about the weather the other day - Well today is not an exception - look at this shit! - first photo was taken at 10.25am and the 2nd at 10.31am and the third at 10.42am - whats that all about ? and secondly - when the fuck is it going to be light at 8 in the morning - at the moment its like the middle of the night at that time and frankly i've had enough of it all - Last night me and the Shakespeare got heavy on the beer - ended up thinking about seeing the titty bar thats opened in Croydon - decided not to - was in Walkabout until late and decided in there to fuck Croydon off and go home - to sleep apparently - Yep you guessed it - thats like saying - "Don't eat the sweets little boy - even tho' the jars open - don't eat the sugar" - isnt it? - so we stayed up talking with Button until - 4 - Yep and guess what - Missed the lift into work with Lynda - Karen was banging on the door as well ! Shit !

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