Monday, October 31, 2005

Taking lives with White Noise

The last bucnch of DVD's from, were in my opinion, not too bad and definately worth the 15 quid i spend amonth for unlimited rentals. The first film i watched this dreary weekend was "Talking Lives"- Story was about a young lad who got the taste for killing and then taking on that persons identity. Angelina Jolie and Kiefer Sutherland were the two actors i knew best of all bust was treated to a great performance by Ethan Hawke. Overall not bad - not scary but quite entertaining - with a great sex scene involving lots of naked Jolie - the end was a tad lame - and the stabbing into Jolies imaginery baby was frightening until we learnt it was a fake. Overall 6/10.

Now then onto White Noise - Woooo - not since Jaws when i was about 6 have i hidden behind a duvet cover for most of the film - its scary jumpy and downright goosebumplingly edgy. I shit myself and hid every time Michael Keaton decided to turn his bloody TV on and mis-tune it and stare rather evily into the white noise - The way the film makes you jump is simular to What lies beneath when she sees the dead womans face in the lake (remember?) So in general i was pooing my self - we had switched the lights off - (like Saw) and decided to scare ourselves - It did the trick so we watched Silence of the Lambs to get over it! Now hows that for a film to feel better before you sleep.

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