Wednesday, October 26, 2005

San Andreas

I'm not far away from it now - it's been a long hard slog - about 2 months - more or less every night - Myself and CB - What the hell am i talking about? Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Thats what - Ive never seen such an enthralling game - you literally can do any damn thing you like - from exporting cars to Russia to pimping the girls on your block to driving off 500 foot cliffs into water whilst parachuting, nicking planes, helicopters and even a rocket pack.

So whats all the fuss? - Its so bloody addictive - one night i didnt sleep till 5am in the morning. Stupid ! yes - care ? no - and am i nearing the completion of this bloody brilliant game - Yes - thank fuck for that. I can sleep again and just maybe i'll catch up on whats happening in the world of television.

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