Monday, October 10, 2005

Nearly had a stroke - i did!

Well from Friday nights small stroke (thanks Karl for that email btw) it didnt really get any better for a while - was invited to a 21st on Friday night - but after going to the pub (no really! thats so unlike u sy!) and boring James and Karl - well i just didnt talk much - went home got ready and Kaz picked us up to go out - Got there and got pissed - the doubles were 2 pound 10 pence - so you can imagine the amount of booze that got downed by all three of us - Got home at twelvish and talked till dawn - CB told me something that i will never repeat to anyone - not even my Mum - i think she'd shit the bed - Well i did so im guessing she would too.

Got up Saturday and felt a little shit in fairness - spent the day watchin crap telly and made a spagboll - DM wanted me to go over whcih i did - but left early as my head and bosy was clearly in a state of massive over use and wanted to sleep - I did just that .

Sunday provided a blue sky and sun so i ventured off to the - guess ! yep the Pub - saw an old girly i was trying to get hold of back in the days when i did that sort of thing (im too old and bloody boring to do that now) - she was with some ape of a bloke - as i remember she was just too bloody stuck up her own arse - But she looked ok still - i wasnt going to say hy - not after 6 years or so - Went home and San Andrea'sd myself to death.

My Mums due in hospital this morning - I bet shes pooing herself - after all shes basically having her feet broken so as to make them better - Mum my heart is with you fully and i hope you get well soon :)

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