Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mummy on Wheels

My mum went in for an op on her feet a week ago and came out from the op being completely sucessful, apart from her obviously not being able to walk - anyway i went to see her yesterday evening and low and behold she was spartan with every intention of being as mobile as can be - So Robs dug one of his old computer chairs out from storage and shes using it as a makeshift 'wheelchair' of sorts!

Imagine an elder lady legs a kimbo whizzing around the kitchen and hallway / front room on a comp chair and diving up in the air to grab plates, books and all manner of items - its not only scary but very disconcerting. I told her to behave and rest - but noooooo - she says she be walking up and down the garden by the end of tomorrow - sheeesh

Nothing i can say about it really - i was like that - a little - walking around on my cast when i really should have been resting - ce la vie - just glad shes ok :)

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