Monday, October 03, 2005

More leg breaking !

Well after Thursday's jaunt out in town with DK, all day friday was a little like being a zombie - most of the morning and early afternoon is was in fact perfectly ok - just a little drunk still i think - DK didnt get in work until 10.30am - after JH and JJN questioned me to the edge of my life on what i had done to him - truth is he had stayed out till 5am with a mystery guest - wooo.

So Friday day was deadly - wanted to sleep all day - got a doner for lunch which was a mistake if i was honest as i feel it made me fall sleep - blog the rest of w/end later im off to do some work !! pffft - ok in short - Friday night was supposed to go to NH's bday at Conchitas - except i went home for a nap and fell asleep - Until 12 midnight when i hear voices in my house - It's CB and a broken leg that he'd suffered after falling off a motorbike ! NOT AGAIN !! - slept like a baby until early hours of Saturday lunch - Got up did shopping and met DM for a beer - Went home and got deeply engrossed in San Andreas - Was up until some godly hour like 6am i think and finally went to sleep - Sunday was a white out - got up at 2pm felt like shit - stayed in bed and stayed there until Sunday night about 9pm when i got up and watch a copy of War of the Worlds - Which was awesome btw.

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