Friday, October 28, 2005

Manhunt by Rockstar

Found it ! - The new San Andreas - O nooes what have i done - went into Croydon with Overton shopping for his missus - they are moving in together this weekend and he wanted a second opinion on what to buy her - aaaaaar ! - So we ended up in Anne Summers ! hhahhaha - after breaking the ice with the nice helper girl i vanished off next door to HMV and bought Manhunt and Driv3r - Bloody hell ! Manhunt looks a little scary if i say so myself - And guess what Driv3r loks like San Andreas only in cars - so decided to have a look in JD Sports and low and behold i saw a new pair of K-Swiss - which now i think is a crazy crazy thing to do bearing in mind they have ridgid soles and dont give any support to the ankle and they are nearly the same trainers that i broke my leg in jumpoing off a fekking car. SHIT !

Anyway sod that im off to Clapham tonight with the lads to get very very sozzled - not loking forward to getting home tho - eeek - costs what 30 quid or so from there - especially to Purley - o nooooes. Still it will be worth it - DK SL TW and the rest of the weirdos will all be there and they are always on good form. So just been to Happy Yip down the road 7.95 eat as much as you can handle - and yes i did just that and now look like a sumo with very large pants on . . .

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