Thursday, October 27, 2005

I saw 'Saw' and loved it

Woo to that film - got in last night and watched Emmerdale - i see everyones getting their tits out nowerdays on telly - seems to big-up the ratings i suppose - good for us blokes, thats for sure! Couldnt handle yet another night of San Andreas with CB so checked my post and low and behold there was my next installments from What a bloody good idea postal rental is! cor!

So got a Stella from the fridge, turned off all the lights and whacked Saw in the DVD - straight away i could tell it was gonna be a bit spooky due to the gory looking cut up fat bloke hanging off barbed wire - excellent i thought - i havent been shit scared in ages - ever since Cabin Fever! (that bit when the girl in the shed has lost all her skin off her face)

So me and CB jumped a few times but if im honest i was rooted to my sofa - the action was good and all round i was totally engrossed a good 8/10 from me - then i went to bed . . . bliss and early night for once !

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