Thursday, October 13, 2005

England vs Sweden . . . i think !

'Ning ! either way it works or 'noon if its that time of the day .... ahem ok - so last night - was due to meet my pops and watch the footy - so got home and felt more or less like death after 20 odd days of boozing and late nights on the xbox - had a shower and got ready - went downstairs and bumped into Nicola Martinelli again - i think she lives in my block - cool - i think.

So dad was late but then it was rainy and dark and you know what the brits are like when the weathers shite - we drive like we are 89 years old with a glas eye - Got to Rectory and snaffled the leather sofas - started sipping my Stella - felt like i was sipping arsenic - ordered steak and waited when all of a sudden 2 girls wandered over and asked if they could join us - as theres another osfa adjacent to the one i was on. Now initially i was struck by this young lady's cute smile but as the night when on i realised she was an absolute fitty - her mate was plain Jane (or plain Claire as it would turn out!)

Half way thru England vs Poland we kept catching each others eyes and soon enough i was looking directly at her as she was to me - Unfortunately i was blowing my runny hooter at the time and she made a move as to blow her nose - i reacted by blowing a hole in the tissue and then muttered something or other - she reacted by leaning over the table and introducing herself - berloody hell i thought !

He name was Suzannaha and she was from Sweden - whooop whoop went my head - u know what they like doing there in the long lazy nights ! - she'd ben here 10 years and was in marketing or something - the footy was so loud i couldnt pick out half of what she was saying to me - and then she dropped it !

"It's my last day here in England i'm going home for good"

Quite frankly my heart stopped and i had another stroke - going home! .... what!! your fucking gorgeous - you cant stop talking to me and i think i love you (um a bit premature but u know what i mean) and your going home tonight ! - i suddenly felt the urge to have a wee - so i did. . . looked at myself in the mirror of the gents and uttered the words - "your fucking doomed pal - just face it" and then headed back to my seat.

So that was that - she offered to buy me and me dad a drink but frankly id run out of the will to live - so went home saying goodbye and good luck and nice to meet you and all that - wanted to ask for that mobile number but frankly what would the point have been ? - Bumped into Kaz who was dropping booze off to Craig - and before i went to bed i had to pull Craig up for singing bloody Frank Sinatra out loud for hours on end - poor lad fink he'd been rowing with mum and dad... slept liek a dead horse.

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