Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Blog and head Expoding

In light of this cool person saying good positive shit on her blogging and having an enlightened blog - she has been saying nice things on peoples comment systems - which really does seem like a great idea - So - today during my cold calling session (pfffft) i will be hopping and commenting - So if you get one and you come back here - you'll know who to thank!

Secondly - i'd like to say that if a certain person doesnt stop annoying the fuck out of me at work i will explode and be forced to throw a fork or spork in the persons general direction - trying too hard to be be funny - just isnt funny - joining in quips when they are losely based on you - doesnt get a laugh - it just gets worse - Im not an office bully - im bullied myself - (or was) - but through hard determination and through taking that sales office banter (invaribly in the ass) and using it to work my hand - i have managed to turn the tables or at the very least sit on the same table as my piers. So young bloke - please take my advice and STFU (I do mean this nicely)

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