Friday, October 14, 2005

Backstreets back alriiiite !

Now then now then - (in a jimmy saville voice) its not often i own up to being a wanker but i have some news that i'd like to share with you all. The Backstreet Boys are back - o yes they are - and that infectious tune "Rock ya Baaaardeeee - yeaaaaaa aaaaa" is rolling itself over and over in my head - True tho - however i work in a particually boyish and homophobic environment and i walked in this morning after getting to bed at 2am (beers were involved and rum btw) and started humming said tune.

Not just that - ! - but after 2 mins or so - three of the over lads and one director started humming it too - then - i thought "fuck it i'm fucked i'll do a dance" - so theres me doing the "mummy dance" you know the one - like in the video - and what the FUCK - the office all start doing the mummy dance and singing "backstreets back allllriiiiite"

Now theres a site you dont see on "The Office"

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