Tuesday, September 06, 2005

World jump day 2006

Ive heard it all now - World Jump Day - happy stumbling whilst waiting for people (as usual) to pick up their calls. So the idea is that if enough people all jump at the same time then we can knock the earth off it's present course and orbit into another one thus reducing global warming, extend daytime hours (for all of us? how?) and create a more homogenous climate.

So how many loony's will it take to 'knock the planet off course' (and who knows where!) - go on have a little guess - and don't cheat by looking at the site - It's 600,000,000 - six hundred million to you and me - 600 MILLION ! are you funking mental - thats more then half of China! o how i did let out a little 'arf' when i read that.

So there i was ready to sign up - you know i have to - it's in my genes to do these things and then i see another figure of how many wingnuts have already signed-up - yep over 263 million and yet there is only until 20th july 2006 next year to sign up - So i emplore you Blog World - Sign up to World jump Day and lets all let the world leap into a different orbit - perhaps nearer the sun so we all fry - or what about into a passing 100 mile wide asteroid so we all die like the dinosaurs - can't wait till July - I'm jumping from now!

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