Thursday, September 15, 2005


I was 'napped - yep kidnapped - getting bit of a regular occurance this - only this time it was a nice 'napping - unlike the lurk this weekend - So - It was one of normal days when DS is down to fiddle with the network and fuss around the engineers when all of a sudden DK kidnapped me off to the pub - yet again more abuse re KH - it's worn off now - i see no reason to feel any worries - in fact it could be good - it could also be another AC - o what the fuck who gives a shit - this is life so live it huh !

Aaaanyway - DS and Kris - o and richard - shit Roger too - keep remembering who was there - so anywaaay yea we went to The Dukes Head - lovely pub that is and bumped into clairebear - as usual on the puggy pugging away - 24 squid down the drain in less then it takes to wallop a pint down ya neck - thats the way it is for her ... yea erm yes all down the pub drinkydoos and then off for a curry - namely the Kyber - Billie was there again, all ears about lurkperson and ended up getting Mariah Carey ringtone off Roger - shameful thing was that it took for ever to download - nice fone tho - one of those Razr Motorola's - kewl - Ate about 4 forks of lamb curry - 2 more beers and guess what - Yep instead of heading off home we all went to - guess - no go on - the worst shit hole piss poor piss ridden dog shit bar in the world - The Milan Bar.

Enough said - got home and went to sleep - end of night.

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