Friday, September 23, 2005

Texas Frogger

Now sometimes b3ta gets me right on the funny bone and i think you'll agree that the wit in this is superb. . Bearing in mind i took the piss out of Katrina before she flooded New Orleans out - i think this is in slightly better taste - I apologise for my previous post about Katrina - especially the nasty one about the bloke who stayed at home with his wife and kids and wondered why they died - Pretty sad i feel . . but i still feel the same - So brings me to the point - The Texas evacuation is due to people actually understanding that this Rita as shes known, is by all accounts a vicious 140mph windy bitch and a catergory 5 hurricane, fucking lethal and will probably wipe 80 percent of Texas's oil refinery's off the face of the planet. Thus making petrol plastic and everthing in the world just that little more expensive - Welcome to the next recession Mr.Bush

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