Friday, September 09, 2005

Quite funny but in a nice way . .

Went round my old mucka MH's house last night - Well went to the Folly actually - was a laugh - good to catch up - my only lasting memory of the Folly last night , was a school-leaver type-ish girly in a red top and black wondabra with good looking bouncers being stared at by every bloke in the pub - only bad thing was that she wore a pair of national health glasses - caught myself staring way too many times and decided that i should get off home before her chav boyfriend caught me gawping.

More beers and a bacon sandwich when i got home - bloke downstairs was playing annoying loud music at 12pm - frankly i got the hump and went and knocked at his door - never-the-less it stopped and i got my beautysleep - wish i'd taken a bottle of water to bed-i-byes tho.

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