Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Quite barmy !

The Red Cross is appealing for people overseas to contribute money to its Hurricane Katrina Appeal. But why does the world's richest nation need handouts? The world's only superpower (really? how about China?) has been forced to turn to aid agencies to speed up the humanitarian effort in the wake of Katrina.

Seemingly unable to draw on its wealth at short notice to immediately respond to the disaster, charities in other countries, such as the British Red Cross, are now launching appeals to raise money. In addition half a million military ration packs worth an estimated £3m have been flown out from the UK and more are expected to follow.

The public in many countries are accustomed to providing aid to poverty stricken developing nations, but the need to provide assistance to the most opulent country in the world may leave many perplexed. Indeed it does me - No need to quote official figures on costs in Iraq - or even how many zillions of dollars America invest in NASA for instance - mungggggg

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