Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The pictures the world was waiting for

At last - The leg has reached defcon1 - 4 and a half months from 24th April it's been - Enough time inside in front of the telly to put on 2 stone and to eat my way thru countless lasagne's, spag bolls and pasties. Not to mention the 200 bowls of crunchy nut cornflakes and gallons of coffee. Possibly around 40 loaves of bread and peanut butter and easily 10 packs of bacon. Countless eggs (and by the way you can't cook an egg in a microwave no matter what you do). I think i put on the 2 stone that i have by eating a couple of curries and chinese's - and on Sunday night i think the chinese i ate gave me food poisoning.

So anyway - back to the hospital scenario - got there at 10am and as usual waiting for fucking ages at the xray shop - staring at dull grey wallpaper and a picture of a desert - i now have nightmares about that picture - the flurescent lighting in that place gave me a severe headache - and actually now i know it was a migraine - something which if you get them you know how bloody painful they are - So anyway got the xray done and back to se Mr.Kinmont - waitied for about an hour (again!) and then saw him - i swear in the 4 months ive been in and out of Mayday this bloke hasnt had a single haircut - he looks like a fluffy schoolkid with a stupid half posh and half common accent ! - So he took one look at the xrays and asked how i felt - i just said i'd been walking on 2 legs and he said fine - i'll leave the cast off and you can go home now - I was a bit stunned as my leg felt so droopy and weird that i was unsure i really wanted to go home.

So attached here are the pictures of the scars on either side of my leg where the 20 or so pins and 2 plates live - can't feel the skin over the plate at all - The 2 scars are bloody sore and you can see where i currently have snake skin - 3 baths and counting and the stuffs still bloody hanging off! i didnt realise until last night but where i was itching with a binder coz it was itchy -0 i was actually digging into the skin coz i cant feel it hence i have numerous scars and abrasions where i was scratching so hard i broke the skin - NICE ! - But just so you know i am walking - with a limp and the moment but im guessing in say 3 weeks i'll be walking completely normally and perhaps even running! We shall see and i'll keep you lot in the news.

Lurking is dangerous !

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