Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ouch - in sooo many ways!

Good news - and yet there is trouble looming - no need to explain - other then i think your barmy - Yes you know who you are. Some peole huh - have no idea when they have a good thing and yet proceed to act with complete lunacy and . . . well like i said no need to say any more.

So last night! my o my - went to the Gyppo and home - few beers there and got bored - called DM - went to Rectory - Then onto Milan bar - which was surely the most shittest place ever - I did however try to shake it all about and do the hokey cokey - but it wasnt much fun as my leg decided to tell me off quite sternly when i got home (by the way i dont remember when that was) So all good - though i got done bigtime at the bar but then i remembered its stupid prices during the week. Even so i called the bank to report potential ripping of my card.

Can't quite beleive i managed to get to work on time - smell strongly of beer and fags and have made loadsa money as usual - how does that work anyway? feeling hungover and doing great deals even though potentially i should be put to sleep. hmmm. B3ta is very quiet today - posted a 3rd crappy tattyshop that i did and no bastard commented - that's how shite it was. However lastly i got sent something which is beyond me - ive tried to show you what i can as an image but you really will NOT get the jist of it unless you look at the full .wmv. Trust me you'll never be the same again - and you certainly won't be taking the piss out of any fat boob'd muthers anymore !! Click the win media button or here for the file.

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