Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Jessica Simpson dances for you!

My my my - thanks to my South African buddy Aquilla Online for un-earthing Jessica Simpson winding her behind for us all to gawp at - In fact there are 3 mouseovers to play with and much like Aquilla i now have a bad sprained wrist - great stuff !

On a further Dukes of Hazzard point - What a great show that was - i used to love it as a kid and as i remember was on at about 5pm on a Saturday afternoon - or was it ? was it just before "Sunday Monday Happy Days - Tuesday Wednesday Happy Days duh duh etc etc " loved that as well - Daisy Duke was horny but who was that girly out of Happy Days ? She was just as cute i think - o was is the testosorone in my hairy ballsack making those noises in my head? hmmmm - I see that on google this remake of the 70's 80's show has a great big review score of 1.7 out of 5 - thats piss poor in my book !

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