Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ive been tagged eeeeeek!

6 Things I Want To Do:

1) Catch the idiot who nicked my phone, didnt pay the rent and pretended to be a "nice" bloke "trust me man - i don't know why you can't "
2) Live in Gran Canaria for 6 months (love it!)
3) Not be scared of heights!
4) Get my leg working properly (it better or there will be hell to pay !)
5) Speak english clearer ! and LISTEN !!
6) Save enough money to buy a house (o and hold a girl down for more then 3 years!)

6 Things I Can Do:

1) Annoy the shit out of most people easily ! just by looking at them (try me punk)
2) Drink more pints then you on a Monday night (not a good thing)
3) Fly off the handle even when calm !
4) Spend too much time on the net !! i mean WAY too much time ! (see !)
5) Play Texas Hold'em poker very well (see you at!)
6) Make a noise like a drowning cat (it's brill !)

6 Things I Can’t Do:

1) Stop boozing in the week and not on the weekend ! (ive tried very hard!)
2) Pee in a straight line (ie. not on the floor)
3) Drink Vodka straight
4) Thinking about my ex ex girlfriend (see here)
5) Breakdance
6) Run, ski play football and walk properly (due to smashed up leg)

6 Things That Make Me Attractive To The Opposite Sex:

1) Huge willy*
2) Sensitive persona**
3) erm
4) er
5) hmmm
6) pass . . . .

6 Things I Say All The Time:

1) Absolutely
2) eh eh ehhhhh (little britain)
3) "**** off you ****" or just "You ****"
4) S**t
5) "yea well i've just done a plasma wall for ******* *** ..... "
6) Fek

6 Celebrity Crushes : (what the fud is that?)

1) Lyndsey Lohan (gets me going bigtime......woo)
2) Britney (if only in that air hostess uniform ..... yay)
3) Denise Van Outen (o god i'd cut off a teste for a fiddle!)
4) Catherine Zeta-Jones (well she is a goddess)
5) Jennifer Aniston (i like her cuddlinessand she looks like AC)
6) And strangely im massively stalking Fern Cotton

6 peeps that I've Tagged:

Ok, I think I’ll pass this on to:

1) Aquila
2) Tressa
3) WTF
4) Random (without a blog ... why ? i dunno !)
5) I think washing your hands is stupid
6) i have no more "friends" to send to . . .

* Could be a lie - since you have no clue to how enourmous it is you'll have to enquire personally (only girls need apply!)
** same as above

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