Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I was just minding my own when . .

Someone decided to whack me with spoon - or was that lurking ? Having a weird kinda day - you know those days when you think you really should have done something but put it off - and now you regret it ! well i'm writing this and should be flat out catching up on the work i need to get thru accounts today - doing a plasma wall for a very big national supplier of energy and it has to be ready for the 3rd October - ie up and working and to the customers criteria - The MD of the co is coming to town and he wants to see it up and running ! GULP! - Only problem is that i didnt originally prop the deal - a colleague of mine did and his costings arnt making a blind bit of sense - plus he's now in Singapore the lucky fuck . .

So anyway i'll update later i'm flat out

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