Thursday, September 01, 2005

I really must learn tatty shop

Dunno if anyone cares but i love b3ta - the dudes on there who banter all day long making mad little gif's and generally nearly misbehaving all day in a graphical sort of way - anyway one of them came up with a slightly mad website with mad images - well 2 or three mad sites actually

This image by the way is titled - "I really must learn how to draw"

So anyway the point of me posting today is just to big up them boyz and gurls on the site - One of them namely PacheyPie is just brill at mashing up bbc's website news sheets. Click here for one of the funniest and here for all of them.

And just in case anyone actually reads my blog - take a look at Rate my Poo - it's great and i'm actually afraid of looking at the site again - ever - you have been warned

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