Friday, September 02, 2005

Can you smile once you read me?

I'm not so sure this week on how to leave this lovely Friday on a high note with all these floods, looting and newoeleans killing each other over a banana - the funniest news if i can call it funny (well it just is isn't it) was that the National Guard were being sent in around 30,000 of them to restore order and stuff. This was going to be quite tuff i imagine. I mean it's a little harder opening fire on a bunch of loon, white froth mouthed neworleans isnt it rather a bunch of white froth mouthed Iraqi's basically!

Perhaps not! George Bush jnr (the swine) said he was giving permission for his Guards to shoot if needed - and all this, after the zombies (hungry neworleans) were firing at National Guard rescue helicopters. Oh what fun it must be living in Louisiana. Anyone wanna time share swap?

So back to news in the UK - This prick (Mohammed Sidique Khan) was seen on Arab Tv - with a very strong Leeds / Yorkshire accent going on about Britain being the evil one and stuff. Strange thing was that the price of rucksacks suddenly shot up and lo-and-behold "press red to get yours" appearred on the top right of my screen - inticing me to buy a lovely rucksack - so that we all can look dodgy as fuck - Actually very funny (i thought) - Of course i feel for the 52 - but life goes on and and we all decide it's taboo and wrong to maul and titter at such acts then it just wouldnt be cricket - yar......

And yes that brings me actually quite nicely to the cricket which again starts on Thursday - At the Oval - which oddly is in Stockwell - whick oddly starts on Thursday in Stockwell - mmmm - i wont be there - Hey i hope nothing happens and quite honestly i'm sure it won't - But i'm guessing that if you wanna take a rucksack full of cake and stuff to watch Vaughn'y ( i can call him that now ive watched over 20 hours of teh ashes) erm knock the shit out of the Aussies (i fear that we won't) - however as i expressed - I fear that we won't - It would be nice to win though - even draw - Soooo anyway anything else to add to this weeks weekend blog - O yea i added 5000 credits to BE - so my next 2 months of readers will be chuffed to keep seeing my blog month after month !

So i'm off to see off KW - after leaving work to join a famous type of advertising agency - she will nedd some luck i bet! - and then on to Sutton maybe to get wretched with DM and some beer and stuff - Woooo Yay - tell ya all about it next week.

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