Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Broken leg Update #4

So far so good - I'm walking unaided - although from time to time the ankle gets very swollen and sore and i need to just rest - Still cannot walk with a limp and as it stands i dont think i'll ever be able to run or play sport again - I may have to get in contact with the guys over at the broken leg website and read some past stories to see how they feel now. I hope to god thats its good news - Im not a big player of sports but knowing that i cant play badminton or kick a football again is a little upsetting.

Other wise all is well - I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night with intense pain - not sure why - its starting to dull now - just healing pains im guessing - i was close to going back to Mayday to get a cast put back on - alas i think its getting better enough to warrant just taking it easier as opposed to flat out !

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