Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Yikes - was that the weekend !

Yikes - was that the weekend ?

Payday started for me on Thursday night really - Went to the boozer after work and carried on through the night - Much to JJN's non amusment - when asked - you look like youve been up all night on drugs - My answer was "yush" - spoken like a true wanker ! Most of the day was taken up with trying not to speak to customers too much - Altho i did a load of GP and closed 2 deals that needed to be done - My thoughts were clearly on getting home and resting.

Which happened around 6.45pm after1 or 2 of my colleagues refused to stop talking in the car park until it seemed it had gone dark - Got home and collapsed in a heap on my bed - The phone rang - "whaaaaaat...." i murmed in a horrible deathly tone "Im on my way round" said DM - needed some cash from night before - christ - BW popped in with JS later on and offered also to go to the bank for me ! Which reminds me - I must get that cash from MP - its badly overdue - and i need it bigtime and i HAVE to pay off telly people today or im dead - oh and slap and tickle (sandwich people!)

So weekend here ! - Saturday morning got up and was clearly knocked out by the Thursday night shenannigans - BW called early on to say she missed everthing on Friday as she was barking up on friday night so we all had to start again in GC - some jordan lookalike was coming - which initially i thought was a great idea - but when i saw her it wasnt - Started off nicely untill i bought a bottle of Sambuka - which was my diet for the next 6 hours or so - Left late to get home and stayed up playing FIFA 2004 until i died at home with a headache brewing that i knew was gonna really really hurt!

JO called early (about 11am!) and said was coming over to pick me up for lunch at 1.30 pm Sunday - brill i thought until we got to Croydon and he walzed off to get some clothes and cd's - so i waited in the car - felt like an age - the ice pack i'd made earlier on to soothe my head had worked! - Got to the pub ordered food and downed a pint - i felt a bit better - 2nd pint drunk - felt like shit - JO decided we should go and meet Nath and the others to celebrate his last day out - (Long story not my buisiness to tell ya) - So met them all in Sutton and well in short got damn near dead again - My head went red for starters - a sign of alchohol poisioning apparently! - Got home and started on the Sambuka - decidied to dance around the flat with music at full blast for 1 hour then head off to the bowling alley to get a pint - Mikey and girly turned up - i was mullered - i went home - watched Big Brother and fell asleep - Heres the story of the leg !

Monday morning - So got to the hospital quite late - weather was bloody awful - queued and queued and queued some more - at the end of it all i got told that i needed another 6 weeks with my crutches as it wasnt looking good - if it still wasnt looking good after 6 weeks then a bloody metal pole will be stuck in my leg for good measure - O bloody hell - Why do i think thats going to hurt like fucking hell ! - really dreading it - bigtime - Was there until late - called work and told everyone who all in all wernt to impressed with it all - no one understands more then me what a complete wanker i was for jumping that car - It was an accident and yes i should not have done it - I did! and that is that - Im paying heavily for it now.

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